Wondering where you can see a Rally Fighter?  This Saturday, the Limited Edition Gumball3000 Rally Fighter will be at Cars and Coffee in Scottsdale.  Come out and check out this very special Rally Fighter, as well as some of the Valley’s premier rides.  The show starts at 7:30am, you can [...]

Simply put, wow!  The team is back in the office after their first Gumball3000 appearance.  The end was just as exciting as the beginning.  The team even won the “help Max award”.  The team fixed the Cobra, and crossed the finish line, joining the 2 Rally Fighters for the closing [...]

Good morning Rally Fighter  faithful.  The team has made it to Santa Fe, and is now heading to the grand Getting out of Kansas City yesterday was a breeze…until we hit Oklahoma City.  The team quickly discovered tornado ally is very much alive and well.  They dodged Softball size hail, [...]

The Local Motors team, since leaving Indianapolis, has gone from support vehicle, to Gumball 3000 Heroes!  It all started at the St. Louis, when founder and president, Maximillion Cooper discovered that his AC Cobra, would only run in 5th gear.  The team quickly swooped into action, attempting to fix the [...]

Greetings gumball Fans!  The team is headed back to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, for the start of today’s Gumball run.  The team will leave the speedway, headed for St Louis.  You can catch up with the team from 1pm-3pm @ the world famous Arch.  The team will then recieve thier [...]

After leaving the motor city the Local Motors team headed south to the great city of Indianapolis!  and just like the last two stops, the city was alive, and eager to lay eyes on the Gumball cars.  The team set up shop in the beautiful Monument Circle.  The party was [...]

Wow, What a crazy Night / Morning.  Toronto was a blast!  The streets we lined with fans and friends to the north.  The party was great, and the Rally Fighter was a star.  In fact it took almost an hour to cross into Detroit, Canada just wouldn’t let the beast [...]

Its Friday afternoon, and the Gumball has left Times Square!  The Rally Fighter is on it’s way to Niagara Falls for the first check point.  The Local Motors team is not far behind.  Check out the video below from this morning!  The tracker is one, follow us to the falls!

WOW!  What a crazy day in New York City.  The Rally Fighter is wrapped and ready for action.  The cars are staged in times square for departure tomorrow at 12am.  The team spent the day, preparing the car, meeting with the drivers, and speaking with the masses that have gathered [...]

Well, the team is 3 hours out of NYC, unfortunately, bald tires on a 3500HD and rain do not mix.  Local Motors would like to give a big shout out to National Tire and Battery, Mechanicsburg location, for fixing up the truck and trailer with some new meats, and getting [...]

Sunrise, Columbus OH 05.23.12   Greetings Rally Fighter faithful, it was not easy, but the team once again drove though the night in order to arrive in NYC this evening.  Tuesday was full of surprises, including but not limited to a “short” run in with the St. Louis police (don’t [...]

After a much needed meal, and a impressive display of trailer maneuvering, the team is back on track, entering the great state of Missouri.   The sales and marketing team is now half way to NYC!  It will be another long evening, but the team hopes to make it to [...]

That’s right, the Sales and Marketing team, have made it to Oklahoma!  Thus far the trip has gone well.  The team drove through the night knocking out Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.  However one team member was very upset they did not stop at the Big Texan in Amarillo for [...]

If you are trying to track the Gumball Rally Fighter, and instaMapper asks you to log in… Username is akeiserLM and the password is GUMBALL (Case sensitive)  This is a temp issue we are working on fixing. -Adam  

The Sales and Marketing team departed the Micro Factory @ 7:00pm for the trek to NYC!  It is now 4:00am and the team is well into New Mexico.  Stay tuned for the sunrise picture, any guesses of where they might be at dawn?  Check the tracker page and more pictures [...]

Next Monday the 21st, the Local Motors Sales and Marketing Team will be heading to the big apple, with not one but two Rally Fighters.  The Gumball 3000 will start in Times Square May 25th and end in Los Angeles on May 31th, with plenty of stops in between.  For [...]