Local Motors’ core vision is to enable the making of game changing cars with an unprecedented level of community interaction. The first promise that we make in “changing the game” is to commit to a process and products that are more sustainable than the status quo.

Sustainable Process:

  • Designed using Co-Creation means that we come to better ideas faster and uncover new and interesting material and powertrain ideas as soon as they are available
  • Built Locally is a process that allows us to leverage local vendors and to keep from pursuing the wasteful process of shipping all our finished cars when instead we can ship the parts that are smaller and allow the car to drive away on its own power
  • Just in Time manufacturing means that we have set up the factory to take advantage of the rapid pace of design from co-creation. This reduces wastage and increases the pace of introducing new designs. We use a just-in-time methodology which helps us reduce waste by only ordering and building what is necessary.
  • No Paint means NO paint. We have promised to remove harmful effluents from the process of car building and in the process lightened the car further, increased the ability to customize it, and improved its rapid repairability.

Sustainable Products:

  • Lightweight construction is the hallmark of all LM vehicles. Using composites and a steel space frame we have reduced the weight while increasing safety and performance. This all translates to better mpgs and lower emissions. The Rally Fighter is about 30% lighter than other off-road street legal vehicles.
  • EROD engine promises an advanced emissions controlled engine with full catalytic converters and on board vapor recovery. Further, this engine system boasts modern fuel mapping to increase mpgs and to decrease emissions.