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As you may have heard by now, we have been working with IBM and the CTA Foundation to bring #AccessibleOlli to the masses. Wondering what #AccessibleOlli is? #AccessibleOlli reflects our vision of how technology affects mobility, aiming to make transportation accessible for all, including riders with disabilities.

#AccessibleOlli represents a collaboration between Local Motors, CTA Foundation and IBM. We announced our partnership with the CTA Foundation and IBM at CES last January (wow – it’s been a whole year!). Not strangers to debuting innovative offerings, we partnered with industry leading companies to demonstrate technology in Olli that will help riders with disabilities to be able to enjoy mobility. Since then, there have been numerous workshops, hack-a-thons, challenges and countless hours spent developing #AccessibleOlli, integrating the latest technologies.

The iteration of Olli we are showcasing at CES 2018 is almost fully 3D-Printed and has been enhanced with the newest technologies from 15+ partners.

In addition to #AccessibleOlli, we will be debuting the #OlliStop, an IOT-enabled, smart bus stop, engineered by our partners at Sage Automation. The #OlliStop and Olli(s) will be able to communicate with each other, as well as offer passengers a personalized, interactive experience. If you are at CES, stop by and say hello. We are located in Tech East Grand Lobby GL-4.

#AccessibleOlli is a an ongoing effort, largely due to our partners at AdLink, Asahi Glass, Best Mile, City of Rochester (MN),, Glen Raven, KinTrans, LG Electronics, Mapbox, Panasonic Automotive, Q’Straint, SAGE Automation, Siemens PLM Software, Sunbrella, Ultrahaptics and what3words, along with the CTA Foundation, IBM and Local Motors.

Asahi Glass
“The AGC Group (AGC), with Tokyo-based Asahi Glass Co., Ltd. at its core, is a world-leading supplier of building, automotive and consumer electronics glass, chemicals and other high-tech materials and components. Drawing on more than a century of technical innovation, AGC has developed world-class expertise in fields including glass, fluorine chemistry and ceramics technologies. Glascene™, transparent glass careen, utilizes a special glass processing that allows it to project images while retaining its transparency.”

#AccessibleOlli contributor and ADLINK IoT‘s CTO Joe Speed leads ADLINK‘s work on #AccessibleOlli with ADLINK roboticist Moheeb Zara and others.  ADLINK edge computing runs the inclusive rider experience, sign language translation, and 360° 3D immersive CES bus ride experience created with, City of Rochester MN, IBM, Local Motors and the rest of the #AccessibleOlli community. ADLINK is committed to #AccessibleOlli throughout 2018.

BestMile empowers mobility providers to manage autonomous and human driven fleet solutions. BestMile’s cloud platform enables the intelligent operation and optimization of autonomous mobility services, managing fixed-route and on-demand services, regardless of the vehicle brand or type. BestMile pioneered on-demand autonomous mobility services and is now enabling the first electric autonomous vehicles circulating in city centers on both pedestrian areas and open roads, servicing the public daily. Incorporated in 2014, BestMile has global offices in San Francisco (USA), Lausanne (Switzerland) and London (UK).

City of Rochester, MN
The city of Rochester, MN, and its economic development development initiative, Destination Medical Center, have a keen interest in exploring new modes of transportation systems. We are attracted to #AccessibleOlli because it is the type of innovation necessary to meet the increasingly complex needs of our community. Together with the #AccessibleOlli team, we have visually modeled the experience of traveling through the city on #AccessibleOlli.

With a mission to make self-driving cars possible at scale for everyone, and everywhere – Explorer.AI is providing a mapping and data platform for autonomous vehicles and smart cities. Since August 2017, Explorer.AI has already started working with several partners including Local Motors and IBM via the #AccessibleOlli project, and NVIDIA Inception program in several cities including San Francisco CA, Nagoya Japan, Rochester MN, and Atlanta GA.

Glen Raven/Sunbrella
The seats inside #AccessibleOlli and in the OlliStop are covered in Sunbrella® performance fabrics that are UV/fade resistant, water and stain resistant, mold/mildew resistant and ultra durable, yet soft to the touch. Revolutionizing the way performance fabrics look and feel, Sunbrella® is manufactured by Glen Raven, Inc., the leader of innovative fabric-based, market-driven solutions.

IBM Watson IoT
IBM is an established leader in the Internet of Things with more than 6,000 client engagements in 170 countries, a growing ecosystem of over 1,400 partners and more 750 IoT patents which together help to draw actionable insight from billions of connected devices, sensors and systems around the world. For more information on IBM Watson IoT, please visit

KinTrans Inc.
KinTrans Inc. is an artificial intelligence software company specializing in communication technology that recognizes full body movements to automate the translation of global sign languages into voice and text. KinTrans offers two, complimentary products, KinTrans chat facilitating one to one conversations between signers and speakers and the KinTrans avatar, a voice/text data triggered avatar that translates spoken or text messages to the Deaf. For more information, visit or email

LG Electronics
LG Electronics Inc. is a global leader and technology innovator in consumer electronics, mobile communications, home appliances, and solar energy products, employing more than 84,000 people in 112 operations around the world. A pioneer in the solar market, LG Solar manufactures products that provide revolutionary benefits by significantly lowering energy costs and improving environmental impact. We offer precision-manufactured and market-leading solar panels for businesses and homeowners who demand high performance and reliability with consistently strong energy yield, all from a brand our customers can trust. LG Electronics is not just going green — we are helping to build a sustainable future.

For CES, Mapbox teamed up with IBM, Local Motors and to create an interactive demo of Olli, an autonomous mobility shuttle designed to move people at low speeds in an urban environment. Mapbox tools including Mapbox Studio and the Unity SDK were used to create 2D and 3D visualizations to both help the user select and reach their destination while feeling safe in a next-generation mobility solution. The 3D view helps contextualize the world as seen by Olli with key landmarks and road features extracted and projected into the field-of-view of the vehicle. The 2D navigation solution allows users to search and select their destination to begin their journey with Olli. Learn more at and follow our blog. Or follow us on Twitter.

Panasonic Automotive
#Accessible Olli is a great mobility and personalization platform for Panasonic to bring “edge devices intelligence” and connectivity technologies into emerging contextual urban life style, for all segments of life. As Panasonic Silicon Valley Center, we are looking forward to continuing to contribute to this project as it moves to Living Labs to DC after CES.

Q’STRAINT is a recognized global leader of Wheelchair Passenger Safety Solutions. Trusted worldwide, it is committed to continuous innovation, ongoing research and development, driving quality superiority and training. With an international network of representatives who serve over 50 countries, Q’STRAINT is dedicated to providing accessibility products to all mobility passengers Making Safety Accessible across the globe. For more information visit or follow us on FacebookLinkedin and Twitter.

SAGE Automation
As Australia’s leading integrator of intelligent transport systems (ITS) SAGE Automation improves end-user experience, reduces life cycle costs, lessens environmental impact and prepares transport systems for future technologies.

SAGE engineers, manufactures and integrates solutions that connect the technology of tomorrow with the infrastructure of today. SAGE is helping road authorities build smart, accessible cities of the future through three key areas: connectivity on our roads, high speed data capture and storage, and hardware and infrastructure integration.

Read more at:

Siemens PLM Software
NXTM software from Siemens PLM Software provides designers a next-generation design tool that combines solutions for multidisciplinary design, generative design, and design for additive manufacturing. This makes NX the tool of choice for Local Motors in designing their innovative additive manufacturing parts, including those for “Olli,” the world’s first 3D printed shuttle.

NXTM is a trademark or registered trademark of Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc. or its subsidiaries in the United States and in other countries.

Ultrahaptics is the global leader in mid-air haptics technology and solutions. The company has developed technology that enables interactivity and tactile feedback for mid-air buttons, gestures, and virtual objects without the need to wear accessories or contact surfaces. The technology projects directional localized ultrasonic energy to represent the tactile experience of touching specific shapes and objects. Ultrahaptics’ solutions enrich user experiences across a wide range of applications by making them more immersive, safe and engaging. For more information about Ultrahaptics, please visit:

what3words is a global addressing system that has divided the world into 57 trillion 3m x 3m squares, each with a unique and fixed 3 word address. It provides a simple and human-friendly way to talk about precise locations. 3 word addresses are easier to remember & communicate than GPS coordinates. They are more universal and more accurate than street addressing. what3words is being used in over 170 countries to improve customer experiences, drive business efficiencies and save lives. Their code has been built into navigation and transit systems, autonomous vehicles and drones.


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