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Were you in National Harbor, MD last week and thought you saw Olli on the roads? Well, your eyes were not playing tricks you on, the world’s first co-created self-driving vehicle was in fact cruising around the harbor.

olli in car rearview mirror

olli behind car

The Northeast Association of State Transportation Officials’ (NASTO) Annual Meeting kicked off in National Harbor, Monday, July 9. Annually the organization convenes to review and discuss innovative transportation solutions. As an innovator in mobility solutions, Local Motors was among the places to visit and experience.

Wednesday, July 11, our National Harbor Demonstration Facility was host to over 45 NASTO attendees, including but not limited to representatives from New Hampshire, Maine, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Connecticut Departments of Transportation. The officials arrived first thing Wednesday morning to participate in a roundtable discussion led by Local Motors National Harbor General Manager, David Woessner.

david speaking to audience
Discussion led by David Woessner, Local Motors National Harbor General Manager.
event attendees
NASTO attendees excited about their visit.

Following the discussion, half of the group stayed at the facility for a facility tour and the other half was escorted to the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center to participate in an Olli demonstration.  

group outside walking
The first group was escorted to Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center for the demonstration.

To prepare for the demonstration, a mapping and routing process is required to acclimate the vehicle to the area and roads it will operate on. This process has to be done in advance of using a vehicle in autonomous mode. We use GPS data, LiDAR data, and radar data to create a detailed map and rendering of its surroundings. By doing this, we allow the vehicle to later reference the map to better progress along the route.

map of olli's route
Map of the demonstration route.
LIDAR intensity map of the route.
LiDAR intensity map of the route.
people looking at olli
The demonstration was led by Local Motors Field Service Technician, Buddy Bernhard.
people boarding olli to ride
It’s time to board for a ride.
group coming off Olli
The first group has returned. Passengers deboarding Olli.
people in front of olli
Secretary Richards, Pennsylvania’s Secretary of the Department of Transportation, enjoyed her ride on Olli.

Demonstrations were accompanied by a Local Motors license station. Upon arrival, participants were able to get their driverless license to commemorate the experience.

woman getting picture taken
Smile for the camera! Another driverless license owner.
woman getting her photo taken
Say cheese! Secretary Richards got her driverless license.

Olli demonstrations wrapped up after rides were given to the second group of NASTO attendees. Thank you to NASTO conference members for their participation and we’re grateful for National Harbor and Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center for their support of the demonstration.

people inside olli
Nanette Schieke (right), Maryland Department of Transportation Chief of Driver Safety Division and other NASTO attendees.

Olli’s safe, sustainable, responsive, and reliable capabilities is impressive beyond measure. To learn more about Olli and what’s up next for the world’s first co-created, self-driving, electric, cognitive shuttle with IBM Watson, explore our site.

Thinking about visiting National Harbor? Everyone has their own style of fun on the waterfront. Come, explore and find the way you harbor.

Visit Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center for details about their property and events.

NASTO is the official organization representing member states and transportation solutions for the northeast. The purpose of NASTO shall be the advancement of transportation policies and practices beneficial to the Northeast Region of the United States and the Eastern Provinces of Canada, and to the United States and Canada as a whole.

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