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While serving as a Marine, I learned the power of focus. In big military terms, we called it “massing combat power on the center of gravity.” You usually focus at the moment that you see a decisive opportunity to win. A few weeks ago, we reorganized LM to focus on one singular mission: Engage our community with co-creation and micro-manufacturing in order to drive rapid commercialization of proven high-technology products.  We are doing this now because we see a decisive opportunity to win with two main assets or revenue drivers: Olli, the self-driving shuttle, and Launch Forth, our community-powered SaaS platform.

This decision to focus was not an easy one to make. It never is. In the last seven years, we have built the team, the brand, the platform, and the process to “uncover” both these productive assets and many more awesome potential winners. We are delaying action on our other unproven potentials and that means we let go of some of our team and reduced our physical footprint. This is a team that worked through countless nights on the Rally Fighter, the Strati, the world’s first 3D-printed car, the Airbus Cargo Drone and many other projects in between. This is a team that crisscrosses the globe to meet customers and community members. This is a team that is passionate about the relentless pursuit of innovation. This is a team that above all, I respect, making “focus” one of the hardest activities in business that I can remember.

Nonetheless, despite the difficulty of being decisive, it is precisely this focus that makes us a great team and one that is ready to serve our community and to win for all of our stakeholders. So, to all of our followers, I say standby as we deliver both our first brace of Olli and our incredible platform for rapid product development to new customers who want the same speed and capability that something like Olli and its system portends.

More to follow!

  • – Jay
  1. Every one of Local Motors fans are indeed excited to see something like Ollie transition. The value of that innovation is going to bear fruit as time goes on, and more progressive cities will have the advantage of such a fine product. It’s an excellent example of design-to-production manufacturing. I would hope that Local Motors would also have a secret skunk works operation going on too. There are simply too many people out there designing, and innovating, everyday, with the hope that their dream might see production, one day, too. Local Motors can make those things happen, and if there is a skunk lab somewhere, hidden in the back, let’s just keep that room lit … ; )

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