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Manufacturing DAy
Students from Career Magnet Academy.

National Manufacturing Day is one of the most important school days for manufacturing educators. It is the one day that is recognized across the nation, celebrating STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) careers and opportunities. Annually on October 5th, a myriad of schools, STEM organizations and businesses organize trips and events to celebrate the occasion. Believe us, there is a lot to applaud!

Student Inspect Strati
Students inspecting Strati, the world’s first 3D-Printed car.

In the first quarter of 2018, the Bureau of Economic Analysis confirmed that manufacturers contributed $2.33 trillion to the United States economy1. That is a whopping figure that supports and confirms the growth of U.S. manufacturing. Another fun fact, there are currently 12.75 million manufacturing workers in the United States, accounting for 8.6 percent of the workforce2. We are proud to be a part of this industry that is making a difference!

Students Inspect Strati
Students get a hands-on look at the Strati.

As an advocate of STEM education and developing future engineers, we look forward to National Manufacturing Day as it gives us an opportunity to showcase our diverse workforce, capabilities, and some of the world’s best manufacturing equipment. Local Motors has long championed debunking myths in automotive and additive manufacturing and there is no stopping us now.

3D Printed Chassis
Students learn about the components, process, and savings of 3D-printing a chassis.

We celebrated throughout the week at our Knoxville microfactory by hosting 57 students from Hardin Valley Academy and Career Magnet Academy. Students, teachers, and staff were given tours of the facility, interacted with our engineers to learn about their education journey, career paths and jobs, as well as viewed presentations from IACMI (Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation) staff and interns.

Testing Materials
Teachers and students learn about the composition and process of testing materials.

It was magical to see the enamored looks on students’ faces as they learned about the range of jobs available within automotive and additive manufacturing fields.  They were ecstatic to receive a “behind-the-scenes” view of how we develop, test, and manufacture vehicles where we showcased everything from material composition to 3D-Printing parts. These exciting moments remind us that what we are doing has a larger impact than just changing the way the world commutes, we directly affect impressionable students watching us and that is where the rubber meets the road. These moments that are bigger than us, allow us to have a direct influence on the future leaders and engineers of tomorrow.

VP Grey Haye
Local Motors VP of Product Management, Greg Haye, explaining 3D-Printed parts.
Students at LM
Students admire the Strati.

We can do anything we put our minds to and we are here to remind students of that. As a company of many firsts – we manufactured the world’s first co-created vehicle, the world’s first 3D-Printed vehicle, and Olli, the world’s first co-created, self-driving, electric shuttle – we did not question if it was possible, we made it possible and we hope we inspired the students to push the envelope in their years to come.

Hardin Valley Academy students.

We look forward to celebrating 2019 National Manufacturing Day and cannot wait to see who joins us next! We would like to thank the Knoxville Chamber for organizing Hardin Valley Academy student tours, IACMI, Career Magnet Academy, and University of Tennessee Center for Industrial Services for providing manufacturing day t-shirts to students and staff.

MFG Day Shirt
National Manufacturing Day t-shirt provided by University
of Tennessee Center for Industrial Services.

Follow the #MFGDAY18 hashtag to see how National Manufacturing Day was celebrated across the nation.


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