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Being judgmental is generally frowned upon, unless you’re a judge. That being said, we’re honored that the impressive panel of industry professionals we have assembled is willing to judge entries for our second international Olli Fleet Challenge, going on now across nine countries in central Europe.

The panel’s collective credentials range from accomplished engineers to transportation policy professionals to a world champion race car driver. It’s a diverse group with a mutual appreciation for transportation and mobility innovation.

Based on the entries we’ve seen throughout our global fleet challenges to date, we have no doubt that these judges will get a chance to review a number of inspired opportunities for Olli and sustainable mobility.

Here’s a closer look at who we’re working with on our Central Europe Olli Fleet Challenge:









Carlo Ratti, an architect, engineer and director of the MIT Senseable City Lab, is currently the co-chair of the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Cities and Urbanization. He is known for examining how new technologies impact urban life, and his work has been recognized the world over, from Barcelona’s Design Museum to New York’s Museum of Modern Art.









Damien Declercq is an engineer with a background in co-creation, micro-production, sustainable transportation and autonomous mobility. He was instrumental in the 2017 launch of Berlin-based Spring, which is a fleet of autonomous vehicles. And his professional portfolio includes automotive work in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.









Karen Vancluysen has been entrenched in transportation innovation for years, with her work at Polis, which is a network of European cities and regions working cooperatively to find innovative transportation solutions, and her work as a network manager for ACCESS-EUROCITIES. She focuses on introducing new technology and sustainable options for urban mobility.









Luca Pascotto has a longtime influence on European transport policy and serves as Road Safety and Global Advocacy manager at the FIA. He focuses on road safety and sustainability, and he currently oversees a sustainable mobility program and promotes transparency in the policy making process.









Nico Rosberg is a former Formula 1 World Champion who has co-founded the Green Tech Festival and has launched a successful podcast called Beyond Victory. He’s an entrepreneur and he has invested in Chargepoint, Formula E, Lilium and Lyft.









Philippe Crist manages international research projects for the International Transport Forum of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. He focuses on disruptive urban mobility solutions and looks at how public transportation options can adapt to innovation.

These judges won’t review submissions for the Central Europe Olli Fleet Challenge until the entry window closes in late May. They’ll rely on their industry knowledge to determine the best use-case scenario for Olli, a 3D-printed, autonomous shuttle. The winning entry will receive a fleet of Olli to use for a three-month period.

A winning entry will be announced in June. Until then, we encourage our panel to be as judgmental as it needs to be.

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