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A World Of Vehicle Innovations

We combine co-creation and micro-manufacturing to bring hardware innovations to market at unprecedented speed.

Local Motors’ global co-creation community is made up of enthusiasts, hobbyist innovators and professionals. We are designers, engineers, and makers.

We operate a growing global network of microfactories. Each destination is a place where innovators create amazing products and consumers come to marvel and shop.

Local Motors offers its unique product development system to select partners who want to innovate at a similar speed.

We make the coolest machines together.

  • Founded 2007
  • Headquartered Phoenix, AZ
  • Microfactories 2



Drive community engagement above all else. Ensure open dialogue and transparency with community members in order to facilitate innovation and empower the individual maker.


Engage and empower global communities of designers, engineers, fabricators and automotive enthusiasts to solve local problems, locally, through distributed making.


Foster open collaboration in order to drive faster, more cost-effective, more thorough product development to drive improved safety and quality.


Make transportation more sustainable globally by empowering maker profitability, defending and advancing the environment, and improving safety and well-being.


Strive to succeed in the face of failure; meet deadlines regardless of obstacles; exceed expectations in the design, development and distribution of critical tools, services and finished products.

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