We Don't Push Limits.
We Leave Them in the Rearview.

We are Local Motors.

If necessity is the mother of invention, the father’s gotta be a gearhead. At Local Motors, we soup up innovation by opening up our process to you and the other brightest minds in the world. Our headquarters in Phoenix, AZ holds 200* employees. Our online community holds tens of thousands more. And together we’re shaking up the auto industry as we haul ass into the unknown.

Our specialty is reimagining motor vehicles and how they’re made. Our method combines open-sourced designs from our online community and micro-factories around the world for manufacturing. Our current LM fleet includes the fully customizable Rally Fighter, the 3D-printed Strati and an autonomous electric-powered shuttle named Olli.

The Local Motors community grows by the day. Join us as we push the pedal to the 3D printed non-metal. Will the next big breakthrough be yours?