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51 Drivers !?!? And I wasn't even there ...

But by all reports, we had our biggest turnout by far to the event last weekend. So large in fact, that we are going to be forced (ha, it's just going to be more fun) to expand our offering of entertainment ahead of schedule, because you can only get people around 1 autoX course so fast.

More of that later. The point was that it was a fantastic turnout, with a multitude of automotive cultures represented, just the way we like it. Difters, road racers, exotics, soccer mom vehicles... they all came together in a Utopian display of automotive tomfoolery. Every now and then, it is important to throw out your vehicular snobbishness and just go play in somebody else's sandbox. Maybe you take your lowered car and see how far you can get up that dirt road, or maybe you get your Toyota Previa, dress it up like a Tofu Delivery vehicle, and drift the heck out of it at local events like Drift and Drag and the LM AutoX... OH WAIT! THAT HAPPENED LAST WEEKEND!!

I missed out on the whole event cause I chose to go on some obstacle run up by Four Peaks, and all I have to show for it is a frown and a pulled muscle in my Go-Fast foot. Luckily, there were many other LMers and Community Volunteers there to help as usual. The track was set up by some of the fine local members of the FT86Club, and a LM Labs Volunteer from the Tandem project recorded times out on the jump. So what about those times? Here they are in Google Doc:

So what to expect for next time???

Well, honestly the next time will even crazier because there is a going to be a car show here that is being messaged all around the southwest and west coast with autoX happening as well. So that event will be a little unique.

After that though, we will be starting our first additional activities so that people have something to do in between AutoX runs, and we will start messaging AutoX launches by number so that you won't have to ever wait in a line more than 3-4 people long! With the increased attention and participation comes more ability for awesomeness, so stay tuned as our events and activities evolve!

Enjoy the following photos taken by Nyko aka idesigncars during te event.

IMG_2603_Snapseed copyIMG_2629_SnapseedIMG_2610_SnapseedIMG_2633_Snapseed

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