Domino's UDV Phase 3: 1 Week Left! Where is YOUR entry?

Phase 3 of the the Domino's Ultimate Delivery Vehicle Challenge is well under way! In fact... with one week left, we've officially entered the home stretch!

The focus for this phase is to re-design the passenger-focused interior of the Chevy Spark, transforming it into the ultimate pizza delivery-focused interior. The Chevy Spark was selected in Phase 2 to be the base vehicle for the Ultimate Delivery Vehicle due to the low cost, good warranty, and great fuel economy.

Our Very Own Spark!

Local Motors and Domino's have purchased our very own Chevy Spark: a white, LS Automatic. Though this is the base version of the Spark with an automatic transmission and no is still quite nice; offering Power Windows, AM/FM radio, Heat and AC. It doesn't, however, include power locks (weird, right?). It wasn't long after we got our hands on the Spark that we started pulling it apart; taking out the front passenger seat and the entire rear seat of the vehicle to make room mocking up for your design concepts.

With the seats removed the space inside the Spark is considerable! We've been able to fit nearly 30 Pizzas in the car without effecting visibility, and with plenty of room to spare. That's 10 Pizzas more than the maximum order size defined in the Brief, and nearly 28 pizza's more than the most common delivery configuration.

The Common Delivery:

As we mentioned in the Design Brief, the most common delivery consists of 2 pizzas, a 2-liter soda, and maybe a side item. This usually translates to 1 heatwave bag, a soda, and the side item on the outside. Your main focus should be on this kind of delivery as it accounts for 95% of deliveries drivers make.

Keep in mind that the key priorities in this phase are: loading and securing the order (pizza, drink, sides), driver ingress and egress, and the unloading of the order at the customer location. Though larger orders are less common, the same needs apply and should be addressed in your interior design concept.

This is your opportunity to create the ultimate pizza delivery interior, help solve the real world problems that pizza delivery drivers have and, potentially, revolutionize pizza delivery around the world!

Check out the Design Brief.... View the concepts already posted.... Submit YOUR great idea for the Ultimate Delivery Vehicle Interior today! Local Motors staff, Domino's team members, and Domino's delivery drivers are active in the challenge giving feedback and answering questions to help you make your interior design concept the best!

Time is running out to get in on this phase of the Domino's Ultimate Delivery Vehicle Challenge. For more inspiration, visit the Domino's UDV Forum for more videos, hundreds of pics and all the information you'll need to change the future of pizza delivery!

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