Domino's Ultimate Delivery Vehicle: Phase 3- 2 Days Left (Video)

As we wrap up Phase 3 of the Domino's Ultimate Delivery Vehicle Project, Local Motors continues to work with the community and the Domino's team to test out designs submitted by the challenge participants.

This past weekend we were joined by Kevin aka PizzaDeliveryGuy who is a delivery driver for Domino's and has been incredibly helpful in this project providing feedback based on his real world experience.

After creating multiple mockups based on designs submitted by you, Kevin was able to test out your designs and provide feedback based on his needs and the requirements Domino's has put in place for this phase of the project. We were there to create another Local Motors RoughCut video to capture it all.

This is a great video to watch to get a better grasp of what this phase is about, and if you are racing to finish up your entry, we strongly encourage you to watch this before making your final submission.


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