Show Favorite

So, the question of course always is, what was your absolute favorite vehicle at the SEMA show. This is an extremely hard question, not just because there are so many great options to choose from, but also because for something to be the Best at SEMA, it needs to do a little better than just having an Italian name for example. It is all too easy to just assume that the coolest vehicle is some exotic with fancy rims. This year though, on the very first day, I knew that I had my choice.

RK Concepts by far has some of the more creative designs in motorcycles. Each bike has a couple of specific tricks and flare that make it seriously unique, and also a fun exposition of clever engineering.

From the bike with the huge bearing for suspension, to a asymmetrical main chassis that winds through the engine area, these bikes show great skill. The really crazy thing is how much is just sheet metal construction! Certainly, I have scene bikes that could be described as "prettier", but RK Concepts gives their bikes a cool, industrial, raw feeling which let's them immediately stand out a midst all the curvy airbrushed items that you expect to see as show bikes.

If you are lucky enough to be part of SEMA, go check it out in the lineup outside the main entrance! If not, then take a gander at these pictures to give you some idea!

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