Olli bridges transportation gap at AZ Maria Middelares.

Deployment overview:

  • Began April 2021
  • 12,000+ passenger rides
  • Moves 150+ patients, visitors, and hospital staff daily

AZMM is an innovative hospital located in Ghent, Belgium.

Great campuses tell stories and demonstrate institutional values in physical space. While designing new buildings on their hospital campus, AZMM prioritized the movement and safety of patients, visitors, and staff. Moving 150+ passengers per day and connecting the campus to the surrounding public transportation network presented a significant challenge.

After considering rerouting the tramway or adding a bus stop, AZMM decided an autonomous shuttle could comfortably and safely move passengers with no additional infrastructure.

Olli helps make the daily routines of visitors and staff frictionless, fitting AZMM’s focus on providing compassionate care.

What is first-mile/last-mile mobility?

Even the most extensive transportation systems have gaps. For example, one-kilometer between the train station and residential district forces transit users to walk or pay for taxi, contributing to greater vehicle congestion.

Olli is a purpose-built first-mile/last-mile autonomous shuttle that can efficiently close these gaps and offer safer, more sustainable transportation.

Municipalities and businesses that address first mile/last-mile gaps create more equitable campuses and demonstrate commitment to customers, guests, and their community.