Active Lifestyle Vehicle Challenge

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Challenge Brief

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Your Active Lifestyle Vehicle submission/s must feature the following:

(Please clearly label the following on your design boards)

  • Ability to load one Road Bike inside
  • Easily cleanable interior
  • Night lighting system, especially around the cargo areas
  • Cargo area of some sort for gear
  • The ability to do light off-roading
  • The ability to camp in
  • Guidelines

    • Vehicle should be athletic in nature, both in how it looks and operates.
    • Take into consideration the loading process of gear and try to design a vehicle that is easy to use and load up
    • Consider the needs of athletes, and try to design your vehicle around them. You may choose to design a vehicle for one specific sport for example, or maybe one that could accommodate multiple sports. Most importantly try to design a vehicle you believe would be fun to use, drive, and show up to events with.

    Deliverable Views

    • Side Profile View
    • 3/4 Front View
    • 3/4 Rear View
    • Scenic or "Mise en Scene" View
    • Interior View
    • Features Board
    • View of Your Choice
    • Package/Container view
    Additional Deliverables
    • While not required, it is helpful to include 1 Project intro image/title board that includes member name, country of origin.
    • Any additional views you include that show how the vehicle can benefit will go a long way in helping viewers better understand your vehicle design.
    Challenge Terms and Conditions
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