BMW Urban Driving Experience Challenge - Phase II: Refinement

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Challenge Brief

BMW Urban Driving Experience Challenge ? Phase II: Refinement

Welcome to Phase II of the BMW Urban Driving Experience Challenge. During Phase I , the Local Motors community was asked to share individual visions of class-leading features and functions for premium vehicles in a future urban environment. By the end of the challenge period, nearly 3,500 individual design boards were submitted from users all over the world in support of just over 400 innovative feature concepts. Though each entry was unique, there were several recurrent themes across all entries. These themes included: vehicle connectivity, car sharing, gamification, doing good and others. The leading 10 entries certainly reinforced these themes, and the winning entry even combined all four in one transformational concept - "Reward Me". Out of all of these themes, the BMW Group has chosen the idea of vehicles ?Doing Good? as the most revolutionary and impactful theme to carry forward as the basis for Phase II of the challenge.

The Motivation ? Beyond Sustainability

The BMW Group is a well-recognized global leader in sustainability. Sustainability is at the core of its brand, central to its value chain, and at the intersection of new product development and corporate strategy. This commitment is most readily apparent in the launch of the newest BMW Sub-brand BMWi, which was celebrated by many entrants in Phase I of the Challenge.

BMW Group intends to push beyond traditional concepts of sustainability to embrace social well-being, or Doing Good, by innovating in the fields of community relations, intercultural understanding, cultural development, education, road safety, and health, among many others.

Doing Good should not be confused with ?green thinking.? It goes beyond this. Doing Good goes beyond philanthropy. It is a universal obligation and a great opportunity for future products and businesses. It is an obligation that enters the sphere of morality, giving back, and engaging fellow urban dwellers to improve the living conditions of the urban environment. In the future, if we are to thrive as a society, it will be through mutual assistance and by Doing Good.

The car, as the most important means of transportation, will play a key role in fulfilling this truly honorable endeavor. The BMW Group has committed to this high standard, and now it wants its products to achieve this same goal.

Join our Community. Face the challenge. Join us at the cutting edge of social product development in the automotive industry.

Design Brief ? The Future of Doing Good

Doing Good should be understood as an evolution of sustainability, a plane where we seek to resolve social challenges and add measurable value for society as a whole through the car.

The objective of this challenge is to transform the car into a value-adding, socially-responsible machine that contributes to our global well-being. Take BMW?s Ultimate Driving Machine beyond working for the driver and passenger, and evolve it so it may also benefit an area, a community, a city, and the world at large.

The Scope - Your Challenge

Doing Good is the binding theme for this challenge. What we are asking you to do is define a future application/use for a standard vehicle resource in the year 2025. This is not a new vehicle design challenge. Your objective is to take a given resource within the standard vehicle parameters and think of all potential functional applications/uses for this given resource, with a focus on Doing Good. This is a refinement of Phase I, where entrants were asked to consider any feature or function tailored to an urban environment. Now, the spotlight is still on the urban environment, but it has been narrowed so you can focus applications/uses on Doing Good.

For example you could think about:

  • How can the resources of a car be best used for Doing Good? (e.g. energy storage)
  • What resources might need to be to add to a car for Doing Good? (e.g. BreatheFree from Phase I)
  • How can future BMW customers change their behavior to become a source for Doing Good? (e.g. vehicle sharing)
Standard Vehicle:

In 2025 vehicles will be lighter, more efficient, carbon neutral and safer. Use this generalized vision of the car in the future as your starting design point. Assume the standard layout of the current automobile is not going to be significantly different in the future. In practice, cars will evolve and dynamically improve. This, however, should not be the focus of your design.

Vehicle Usage in the Future:

Assume vehicle usage in urban environments in the year 2025 will be similar to what it is today. Vehicles will spend most of the time parked, driven primarily for short-distance travel in city centers. You should also put future vehicle usage in the context of an urban environment; decaying roads and infrastructure, congestion, traffic, and parking shortages should be assumed as realities when designing for this challenge.

Available Resources:

Below is a list of different available resources that can be used for this challenge. Feel free to add other resources that may be available in vehicles in 2025, just as long they are realistic:

  • Electric energy storage on board
  • Highly connected LTE, cloud services etc.
  • Augmented reality in the car
  • Windows as display screens
  • Semi-automated driving functionalities
  • Multiple sensors: on board laser, camera, radar, ultrasonic etc.
  • Connected Drive : information sharing between car, people, neighbors, infrastructure, city etc.
  • Application Runtime for connected apps and functionalities within the car
  • Interfaces to access car functionalities from the outside world

Do Good - Better our World

Your visions will provide the foundation for establishing Doing Good vehicle features/functionalities in the future. As a result, your visions will provide the foundation on which the BMW Group may develop one of the most innovative fields of vehicle development in the near future.

Your ideas have the potential to change the world by changing how we relate to each other, and how we co-exist in a better way through the car.


Clearly identify a given resource within the standard vehicle layout and explain its application/use within the realm of Doing Good1LM1 You may submit more than one idea, just please provide separate entries for each idea. Make sure each submission focuses on one application of resource 1LM1 The applications/uses of resources should be exclusively related to Doing Good 1LM1 The applications/uses must not be full vehicle concepts 1LM1 You must include your name on your design boards


You may think of additional resources just as long as they are realistic and fit within the definition of a standard vehicle. Resources may be for any vehicle in the BMW/MINI product portfolio1LM1 Your entry will benefit by clearly specifying the positive social and environmental implications associated with the specific application/use of the given resource1LM1 Uses/applications should be implementable and ready for market introduction starting in 2025

Deliverable Views

Additional Deliverables
Deliverables: 1LM1 Minimum of 2 design/story boards are required for each entry/submission 1LM1 1 Storyboard (visualizations and text) that shows innovative application/use of resource that fit within the Doing Good theme1LM1 1 Storyboard that shows the benefit from the application/use1LM1 No more than 10 boards will be accepted for a single entry

You can submit your work in any combination of the following ways:

High Quality Design Render


Animated GIF

Video Submissions will certainly be accepted to help show how your feature would work, but are not required and will not replace the Design Board Requirement.
Challenge Terms and Conditions
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