BMW Urban Driving Experience Challenge

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Challenge Brief

BMW Urban Driving Experience Challenge

What are the Future Class-Leading Functions for Premium Vehicles in an Urban Environment?

The Design Brief

In this challenge we are looking exclusively for class-leading features and functions for BMW and MINI-branded vehicles in the year 2025. Your designs should improve the driving and ownership experience of premium vehicles and allow users to evolve and thrive in the context of an urban environment. Just in case you are tempted, this is not a new vehicle design competition.

The BMW Group, the global automotive leader behind the BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars brands, can be credited with inventing and implementing many features and functions that were considered game-changing firsts in the industry. BMW Group has spent decades designing and building ground-breaking vehicles that have revolutionized the automotive landscape.

This is your chance to work alongside BMW Group and continue this trend of revolutionary vehicle development. The potential for ideas is unlimited. Dream and share you vision of class-leading future features and functions. Reinvent not only the car, but also everything it can and should do in the future. Revolutionize the car as an urban tool and as an expression of urban living.

Join our Community. Face the challenge. Be part of the automotive future.

The Context ? Megacities

Urban Environments in Flux:

Every year cities are becoming more densely populated, trending toward what are becoming known as megacities Such urban environments face quickly developing, previously unencountered challenges; intense congestion, limited parking, stifling pollution, safety, and security are some of the problems that will shape the future of urban mobility.

Lifestyles are Shifting:

The concept of vehicle ownership is changing and so are attitudes towards car sharing services. The lifestyle of urban inhabitants is also rapidly changing. Connectivity, efficiency, environmental concerns, and social consciousness are becoming key priorities for the urban driver. Active and mobile lives, filled with short distance travel, are becoming standard.

The Scope - Your Challenge


Think about and anticipate user needs in the future that will be defined by impending lifestyle shifts in the urban environments.


Conceive of and design premium vehicle features or functions that will address and solve these environmental and lifestyle changes.

Push the envelope:

Redefine the concept of urban mobility - how users will live and evolve in this future urban environment.

How will your design change the future of urban mobility in 2025?


? Feature or Function must be automotive in nature (car related)1LM1? Feature or Function must address a user need in an urban environment1LM1? Feature or Function must be somewhat realistic i.e. must be grounded in some science. Vehicles that are driven telepathically from a distance, for example, are not realistic


This is not a vehicle design competition1LM1 Do not focus on sculpting a new vehicle concept1LM1 This challenge focuses on features and functions 1LM1 Your designs should not rely on the creation of future vehicles; theoretically, you could implement your concepts for new features in a BMW or MINI of today. When designing, think about how your function will enable the vehicle to overcome potential urban environment challenges and lifestyle changes in 20251LM1 Assume features and functions can be integrated into any existing powertrain (Internal Combustion Engine, Electric Vehicle, Fuel Cell Vehicle, Hydrogen Vehicle, Natural Gas Vehicle) 1LM1 Focus on new and/or enhanced functions and features and the experiences they will provide drivers1LM1 Envision user needs in Megacities of the future. Design functions and functions that address and resolve the needs of drivers in an urban environment1LM1 The time period of designed implementation is 20251LM1 There are no design restrictions regarding any particular part of the vehicle; features and functions may be interior, exterior, mechanical, or other1LM1 Your designs should enhance the reputation of BMW Group and its BMW and MINI brands as a premium and forward-looking company that makes class-leading vehicles1LM1 You should not worry about existing or future vehicle regulation. You are free to dream and create something unique and novel1LM1You should not submit: 1LM1 Complete vehicle designs1LM1 Infrastructure solutions (new types of special roads, etc.) 1LM1 Features and Functions derived from some apocalyptic scenario (nuclear war, zombie attack, etc.). Though urban crime is a realistic scenario1LM1 Flying cars

Deliverable Views

Additional Deliverables
One (1) Feature/Function per Submitted Entry. You may submit more than one idea, just please provide separate entries for each idea. Make sure each submission focuses on one concept as opposed to a group of concepts. Exceptions may be made in cases where one function relies on a set of functions 1LM1Entries must include:1LM12 Design Boards:
  • 1. Concept Board: Description, illustration, diagrams, etc
  • 2. Story Board - This board illustrates how your feature/ function is used and how it works through a "Story Board" -- a series of illustrations that depict how your design works. The main point of this board is to answer the following questions : How does your design work? How does it address users' needs in urban environments? And how will it potentially change the concept of the car itself and the way it is used?
  • Minimum of 2 boards required. No more than 10 boards will be accepted.
  • You must include your name on your design boards
You can submit your work in any combination of the following ways:

High Quality Design Render


Animated GIF

Video Submissions will certainly be accepted to help show how your feature would work, but are not required and will not replace the Design Board Requirement.
Challenge Terms and Conditions
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