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Challenge Brief

Design Brief

<<  Design a lightweight, customizable, urban friendly tricycle that can accomodate two driving positions, provides electric-assist and protection from weather and collision, can be connected to a smartphone, and can fold up to ease parking.  >>

The Company: B'TWIN

"Our desire is to create those innovating solutions and designs that will revolutionize and simplify cycling"

The Location: Milano, Italy

Milan is a beautiful, big european city where all forms of transportation co-exist (pedestrian, bicycle, scooter, motorcycle, car, truck, bus, tramway, subway, train) yet it still faces the problem of congestion. Despite the multiple forms of transport, Milan has varying weather conditions as well as varying degrees of traffic conditions night and day that present real challenges to urban mobility.

A Day in the Life of Elisa

How will the B'TWIN Velomobile Make the life of Elisa easier?

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The Specs, Who and What you are designing for

The Technical Specifications of the Brief

The Requirements, Guidelines and Deliverables:

What you will be presenting


Tricycle, 2 front wheels, 1 rear wheel1LM1Max length in use: 200 cm1LM1Maximum width in use: 80 cm1LM1Max height: 175 cm1LM1Turning radius: 270 cm1LM1Power : human, in association with a 250 W motor1LM1Carrying weight:: 130 Kg


1 Driver1LM1Driver height : 150 cm min size / 195 cm max size1LM1Driver max weight: 130 Kg1LM1Driving position (inner-city): seated, back straight, head high1LM1Driving position (outside of the city): slightly reclining position1LM1Accessible Price 1LM1Access to pedestrian zones, bike paths, areas where cars are forbidden1LM1Good Ventilation1LM1Weight- storage รข?? easy parking

Deliverable Views

Additional Deliverables
In your presentation please make sure you show the following:
- 1 Side Profile View
- 1 3/4 Front View
- 1 3/4 Rear View
- 1 additional view of your choosing.
- 1 Technical view showing the dimensions as well as battery and motor placement.
- 1 View showing the removable wind/ rain/ dirt protection.
- 1 view showing the steering system, how it works to turn the front wheels.
- 1 view showing the change of user position.
- 1 view showing the folding of the bike for storage 1LM1 Please make sure to indicate the following:
- Headlight(s) Tail LIght(s) Turn Signals.
- Docking point for child seat.
- Smart Phone docking.
- Storage Space.
- Customizability.
- Adjustable Driving Position. 1LM1 Keep in mind that:
Over 80% of competition winners post their designs early and win because the integrate community feedback into their designs. If you have any questions about what to deliver, the Local Motors Design Team recommends you post your project early on to gain feedback.
Challenge Terms and Conditions
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