Domino's Ultimate Delivery Vehicle: Phase 4 Surfacing Development

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Challenge Brief


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Welcome to phase 4 of the Domino?s Ultimate Delivery Vehicle Project.

During phase 1, the Local Motors community was asked to share individual visions for what the Ultimate Delivery Vehicle could look like. In Phase 2, Local Motors and Domino?s worked with you in a collaborative challenge to choose an underlying platform and evolve the winning design of the Pack, transposing design elements over the selected platform of the Chevy Spark. With Phase 3, Domino's and Local Motors acquired a Chevy Spark and challenged you to invent the interior of the Ultimate Pizza Delivery.

Phase 4 of the Domino?s Ultimate Delivery Vehicle Project will focus on ?surfacing? the exterior and interior designs of the Ultimate Delivery Vehicle. Surfacing is the process of creating highly detailed 3D models that can then be used to print scale models and eventually to create molds for the creation of production vehicles. It is an essential phase in the vehicle development process.

Design Brief:

The objective of this challenge is to finalize the overall design of the Ultimate Delivery Vehicle as it moves into the surface-modeling phase. During this collaboration, Local Motors will be working closely with you to finalize the design language of the Ultimate Delivery Vehicle by providing you with both images from the 3D model as well as the 3D model itself. You may provide your feedback in the form of 2D images or 3D models.

For the first two weeks of this challenge the focus will be on surfacing the exterior of the vehicle and finalizing exterior details. The goal is to translate the iconic design from Anej Kostrevec's original "The Pack" Design into a 3D model while refining the design at the same time.

The remaining time will be dedicated to surfacing major components of the interior that will be necessary for the photorealistic rendering and animations that will take place in phase 5.

As with phase 2 and 3, certain technical constraints will have to be respected during this phase as well; the body in white cannot be modified, and other than removing the seats, major interior components ( steering wheel, dash board, instrument panel, drivers seat, center console) cannot be modified. This should not be a major problem as having the 3D models will help give a good idea of what can and cannot be changed.

Surfacing Overview:

In the automotive field, ?Surfacing? or "Surface Modeling" is essentially the process of sculpting a vehicle digitally using freeform surfaces in CAD applications such as Autodesk Alias Surface studio. During this phase, the surface modelers at Local Motors will create a 3D model of the UDV with your input in the form of either 2D Sketches, 3D Models, or Comments. Using this model, Domino?s is able to get a better idea of how light will reflect off the surface, as well as how different surfaces of the vehicle will interact with one another. For example, how does the A-Pillar flow into the hood? Or how does a sharp character line taper off into a smooth surface?

At the Launch of this phase Local Motors will provide some preliminary images of the initial 3D Model that will be used for this phase. This 3D Model is based off of the final designs from Anej Kostrevc's evolution of "The Pack" over the Chevy Spark from phase 2. The model that is distributed at the beginning of this phase is a starting point ? it is not the final model, and the goal of this phase is to refine the overall design of this vehicle in order to give it the feeling of the Ultimate Delivery Vehicle.

For the duration of this phase, Local Motors will be providing the community with updated images and 3D Models that have been updated based on your feedback on the main project. You may provide feedback in the form of hand drawn sketches, digital sketches, renderings, 3D Models, and 3D Renderings. While the overall goal of this project is to complete the Ultimate Delivery Vehicle Design, we want you to have fun as well!

Acceptable forms of Feedback

Downloadable 3D Files:

Updated January 10 2013

Download WIRE (Alias) Format Here
Download IGES Format Here (Zipped)

First Draft Surfaces

Download WIRE (Alias) Format Here
Download IGES Format Here (Zipped)

Chevy Spark (Light)

Download WIRE (Alias) Format Here
Download IGES Format Here (Zipped)

UDV Complete Surfaces

Download WIRE (Alias) Format Here
Download IGES Format Here (Zipped)

Collaborative Challenge:

Like Phase 2, Phase 4 will be conducted as a Collaborative Challenge rather than a competition. In a Collaborative Challenge, participants work together towards a common goal. In this case, the goal is to work together to focus on creating the absolute best interpretation of Anej Kostravc's The Pack design using the Chevy Spark as the base vehicle. Local Motors will be working closely with all participants, providing both 3D CAD data and 2D images that can be used as a foundation for feedback and design ideas/enhancements. The end result of this phase will be the creation of both a scale model and a highly detailed 3D model. Both of these deliverables will be provided to the community as the foundation for the fifth stage in the Ultimate Delivery Vehicle Project ? Photorealistic Rendering.

Anyone is welcome to participate and contribute to the project. In a Collaborative Challenge prize awards are based on the volume of meaningful contributions throughout the challenge. As such, members are encouraged to share their ideas early on in the process instead of waiting until the final submission deadline. Idea sharing is essential to the collaborative environment and will have a significantly positive impact on the outcome of this challenge.

In addition, Local Motors community managers will be heavily involved in this collaborative effort and will work with you to guide the process, provide feedback, and make this a fun, informative, and constructive experience. Even if you have never surfaced a vehicle before or been part of a surfacing process, by being part of this process and contributing your feedback, you will gain knowledge, a bit of experience, and be part of the next phase in bringing the Ultimate Delivery Vehicle closer to reality.

This Collaborative Challenge has a different prize structure than our regular competitions. Due to the inherent nature of the challenge and collaboration between members working towards a common goal, there will be no podium finishes. Instead, participants will be rewarded based on their contributions and overall influence on the project. Join The Project

Autodesk Software

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Final Result

By the end of this Collaborative Challenge we will be able to produce a scale model of the Ultimate Delivery Vehicle as well as a finalized 3D CAD model that will be distributed for Phase 5 of the Ultimate Delivery Vehicle Competition ? Photorealistic Rendering, which will kick off in early February.

Next Step: Phase 5 Photorealistic Rendering which will kick off in early February.

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