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Challenge Brief

Domino?s Ultimate Delivery Vehicle Challenge Phase 3: Interior

Welcome to Phase 3 in the Domino?s Ultimate Delivery Vehicle Challenge.

In Phase 1, the overall concept and exterior design was chosen in Anej Kostrevc?s the Pack. In Phase 2, the Domino?s team, Local Motors staff and members of the Forge participated in a collaborative challenge to select the underlying platform for the Domino?s Ultimate Delivery Vehicle ? the Chevy Spark. Now it is time to move inside the vehicle and take a closer look at how it will come together.

Your Objective:

Your challenge is transform the Chevy Spark into the Ultimate Delivery Vehicle; to redesign the interior to efficiently carry drivers, pizzas, condiments and other Domino?s Menu items to customer delivery locations. The key to a successful design here is how the interior will be designed and the exterior will be modified where appropriate so as to allow the fastest and easiest transportation of the delivery order from the store into car, securing that order, and then taking the order out of the car to the individual customers.

The focus should be on functionality and ergonomics. It is essential that you provide concepts that facilitate reduced delivery time by making loading and unloading customer orders more efficient. Durability and easy of use are also very important factors. Domino's wants to keep the cost of the Ultimate Delivery Vehicle under $20,000, while making sure it offers as much functionality as possible as this will increase the interest from franchise owners.

Your interior should truly facilitate the drivers? tasks (keep pizzas level and secure, keep drinks upright, keep cold items cold, provide easy access to condiments and other items, etc.).

Scope - Needs & Considerations

Most Delivery Orders
About 95% of the time Domino's delivery orders are fairly small, consisting of 2 pizzas, one 2-liter drink, and one side item (Parmesan Bread Bites, Chicken Wings, Salads, etc.). For the driver, this means transporting one Domino's Heatwave® bag, one 2-liter soda, and even one 'loose' item. When designing the interior of the Ultimate Delivery Vehicle you will want to focus on what you can do to improve the process flow, ergonomics and efficiency of transporting this most common delivery configuration. In addition, think about ways to keep an order like this consolidated so the driver doesn't have to open multiple compartments or access multiple points on the vehicle to retrieve the customer?s items. Consider that every required movement (opening a compartment, bending over, reaching, etc.) to grab an item equates to a longer, less efficient delivery experience.

Many Delivery Orders
While the most common delivery consists of 1 Domino's Heatwave® bag and one drink, another popular delivery order consists of two Domino's Heatwave® bags and two drinks. Sometimes these are separate orders, going to different destinations while at other times both Domino's Heatwave® bags are going to the same destination. Because this is a very common delivery order, be sure that your interior design concept can easily accommodate two orders at the same time for quick, efficient delivery of both orders in a single trip.

The Occasional Delivery
Although the most common deliveries are quite small, the Ultimate Delivery Vehicle must also have the ability to easily transport larger, less common orders. These orders could include multiple drinks in varying sizes, salads, side orders, desserts, and up to twenty (20) pizzas. The interior of the Chevy Spark provides a very large "canvas" that should easily accommodate these types of orders. How you configure the interior to efficiently accommodate the complete range of order sizes is entirely up to you, and will be critical to successful development of the Ultimate Delivery Vehicle.

In, Out, and All Around
Ingress and Egress for the Ultimate Delivery Vehicle has consistently been a very important discussion topic. Creating an easy flow to get in and out of the vehicle can make a significant difference for a delivery driver especially when drivers are making multiple deliveries each day. Shaving just 1 second off each delivery could potentially result in an increase of up to 10 deliveries per driver per year!

For this stage of the competition, there is a strong interdependence between how the interior will work with the exterior -- how will you design your interior to accommodate an easy, efficient and comfortable ingress and egress from the Ultimate Delivery Vehicle?

The people's Pizza Door
The opening mechanisms for the front doors of the Chevy Spark will remain unchanged from the stock vehicle for safety reasons. However, the remaining three doors (Rear Doors and Hatch) may be changed to better accommodate the delivery of pizza. Consider that the rear doors on the Chevy Spark were designed for people to get in and out -- not for the loading and unloading Domino's Heatwave® bags, sides and sodas. As you design your interior, focus on what makes the most sense with regards to the ingress and egress of not just the driver, but the variety of Domino?s menu items. Keep in mind that simple design changes can reduce cost, save time, and be more durable than their complex counterparts. Does the Ultimate Delivery Vehicle really need a whole door just for the product area?

Loading Zones
The environments where delivery drivers load and unload their vehicles can be as varied and individual as the orders they are carrying. Many Domino's stores share parking lots with other businesses, which means drivers often times have a tight "loading zone" in front of their store. Although there is generally more room around the vehicle when a driver makes their delivery, this cannot be assumed. In addition to this, in urban areas, heavy traffic and narrower streets may make unloading for a delivery driver very complicated and could potentially not be safe. As you design your interior concept for the Ultimate Delivery Vehicle, consider the surrounding environments in each situation. Can a driver easily load and unload the Ultimate Delivery Vehicle in tight parking spots or on busy streets?

The Starting Point
The stock Chevy Spark offers 31 cubic feet of interior room. Your interior concept should consider no passenger or rear seating. These features will be removed in order to make room for the new functionality required to transform the Spark into the Ultimate Delivery Vehicle.

Some major interior components will have to remain in the same place, which include:

? Steering wheel
? Drivers seat
? Seatbelts / Driver Safety Systems
? Instrument panel
? Dashboard
? HVAC controls
? Drivers Side Front Door Panel
? Rear view mirror.

Other than these elements the rest of the interior ? passenger seat, rear seats, door panel treatments ? can be changed to transform the comfortable passenger-focused interior into an ultimate pizza-focused delivery interior.

How you configure the interior will have a significant impact on a driver?s daily routine. Providing a secure, level platform, for example, on which drivers can place pizzas and other items when getting into and out of the vehicle, will make a significant difference, potentially saving the driver time and reducing the hassles drivers face.

Spark Interest. Pack-ing for the Perfect Pizza Delivery
In phase 1, we specified that the Ultimate Delivery Vehicle needed to include the following:
  • 1 seat for the driver. With the Spark as the chosen platform, the drivers seat will stay the same and cannot be modified.
  • A place to keep pizzas level and secure while they are in the Domino's Heatwave® Bag (which will keep the food hot)
  • Space to carry up to 20 pizzas while in Domino's Heatwave® Bags.

    Our most common Domino's Heatwave® bags are:
    • The 5-Pie Pizza Bag: 18" Length x 18" Width x 13" Height (457mm x 457mm x 330 mm). Needs to carry up to 4.?
    • The super-insulated Domino's Heatwave® Bag (carries 4 pizzas): 20" Length x 19.75" Width x 9.5" Height (508mm x 501mm x 241mm). Needs to carry up to 5.
    • The 8-Pie Pizza Bag (Vertical Domino's Heatwave® Bag) 21" Length x 20.75" Width x 22" Height (533mm x 527mm x 558mm). Needs to carry at least 2.??
    • The 10-Pie Pizza Bag 33" Length x 18" Width x 12" Height (838mm x 457mm x 305mm). Needs to carry up to 2.
  • The Ultimate Delivery Vehicle should also have the ability to keep at least the following items cool, and also include room for items not yet on the menu:
    • Up to six (6) 2L Bottles of Soda?
    • Up to four (4) Medium Salads
    • Up to two (2) Large Salads
    • Up to ten (10) Dipping cups
  • Place to keep extra product (Drinks Dipping Cups Napkins) - i.e., an emergency kit

Driver Focused Items

Lastly, it is crucial that you design an interior concept that includes places to incorporate the following driver-focused items:

? Driver Information Center (10" Screen which can display information about delivery to driver)

? A place for the administrative items drivers have (maps, binders, places for pens, etc.)

? Consider the driver's overall comfort when creating your design.

The interior of the Chevy Spark offers plenty of room to carry all of these items. The focus for this competition is to design an ergonomic interior that helps drivers to keep pizzas level and secure, keep drinks upright and secure, cold items cold, and provides easy access to the items that drivers need such as maps and binders.

Are you ready to design the Ultimate Delivery Vehicle Interior?


Interior Requirements

1LM1Based on interior of Chevy Spark 1LM1Space to carry up to 20 pizzas while in Domino's Heatwave Bags. Our most common bags are: 1LM1 - One 5 Pie Pizza Bag: 18" Length x 18" Width x 13" Height (457mm x 457mm x 330 mm) Needs to carry up to 4.1LM1 - One superinsulated Heatwave Bag (carries 4 pizzas): 20" Length x 19.75" Width x 9.5" Height (508mm x 501mm x 241mm) Needs to carry up to 5.1LM1 - One 8 Pie Pizza Bag (Vertical Heatwave Bag) 21" Length x 20.75" Width x 22" Height (533mm x 527mm x 558mm) Needs to carry at least 2.1LM1 - One 10 Pie Pizza Bag 33" Length x 18" Width x 12" Height (838mm x 457mm x 305mm) Needs to carry up to 2.


Vehicle needs to be easy to get in and out of while carrying pizzas and drinks 1LM1Design should not impede driver's ability to see - good outward visibility is very important (drivers side and rear windows) 1LM1Vehicle needs to be affordable (Less than $20,000 to purchase). Pay careful attention to costs when designing your interior. 1LM1Interior needs to be durable and easily serviceable. 1LM1Interior should be easy to clean 1LM1Compliant with federal safety and licensing standards -- Do not change the driver area 1LM1Includes room to grow (for items not on the menu yet)

Deliverable Views

Additional Deliverables
1 Package View showing where Menu Items will go in the interior (this is an orthographic side profile view of the interior) 1LM11 Mise En Scene / Context View: This is an image showing your interior from any angle that shows the interior in use, and where the different menu items would go 1LM13 Detail Views: 1LM1
  • 1 Detail view showing where the driver's items go (maps, binders, pens, etc.) as well as the 10" screen
  • 1 Detail view of the front cargo area
  • 1 Detail view showing the rear cargo area
1LM11 Ingress/ Egress View: Please clearly illustrate how a driver would load and unload the vehicle 1LM11 View of your choice 1LM1Maximum of 10 design boards. 1LM1Underlay images will be added to the competition assets section throughout this challenge to help you with these deliverables.
Challenge Terms and Conditions
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