Domino's Ultimate Delivery Vehicle:Phase 5 Rendering

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Challenge Brief

Domino?s Ultimate Delivery Vehicle Challenge Phase 5: Rendering

Welcome to the fifth and final phase in the Domino?s Ultimate Delivery Vehicle challenge.

We have come so far...

The Ultimate Delivery Vehicle has been a true co-creative effort, with the initial design completed by Anej Kostrevc for his Pack Design. From there, together with your help, we chose the Chevy Spark as it seemed the best fit to be able to incorporate design cues from the original Pack design and have enough cargo room to carry a variety of orders. In additon to this, the low cost, ease of driving and maintenance were selling point to choose the Chevy Spark to underpin Domino?s Ultimate Delivery Vehicle. Then we completely re-designed the interior to be a true pizza delivery vehicle with designs from Rohit Kumar Singh and Acatrinei Lucian Nicolae . In the previous surfacing phase, we combined the exterior design, Chevy Spark, and Interior designs in a 3D surface to create the 3D model for Domino?s Ultimate Delivery Vehicle. To arrive at the final phase is a testament to the hard work, creativity and great designs proposed by the Local Motors Community.

The Challenge

Now it is finally time to show this extraordinary vehicle, a vehicle that will re-define the delivery of pizza, to the world. In order to do that, in this final phase the challenge will be to create a series of photorealistic renderings. These renderings will show the final design of Domino?s Ultimate Delivery Vehicle in environments it may be seen in, as well as to show off the enhanced functionality and design features of the vehicle. Since we have completely re-designed the interior around the pizza delivery process, showing how this redesigned interior, as well as the exterior elements that aid in delivering pizza is crucial. One of the best methods to do this is through photorealistic renderings.

Photorealistic Renderings

In the world of computer graphics, photorealistic renderings are images created from 3D models to describe a "virtual scene." Since we don't have an actual prototype of Domino?s Ultimate Delivery Vehicle built yet, the best way to visualize this vehicle is through the use of computer generated photorealistic renderings, which is possible now that we have a complete 3D model of Domino?s Ultimate Delivery Vehicle.


Part of this phase will also be to create the "Skin" of Domino?s Ultimate Delivery Vehicle- your interpretation of the most appropriate branding for Domino?s Ultimate Delivery Vehicle. This is your chance to show how you would use the skin of the vehicle to make it really stand out and attract attention wherever it is. Combined with the unique design of Domino?s Ultimate Delivery Vehicle, this skin should emphasize the Domino's brand as well as the fact that Domino?s Ultimate Delivery Vehicle is just that -- a unique delivery vehicle specially-designed to keep your pizza safe and make for a perfect delivery every time.
In order to help this vehicle stand out from the crowd, Domino's is interested in emerging technologies such as the use of Electro Luminescent Vinyl, and LED Lighting, which could be used to illuminate parts of this vehicle such as the logo or under body. This allows you to "extend" the branding of the vehicle beyond simple color graphics, especially for night time deliveries which makes up a significant portion of Domino's deliveries. The design and use of this lighting should be purposeful to literally "highlight" the functionality of the Ultimate Delivery Vehicle.


In addditoin to branding the vehicle, this is your chance to bring certain design cues from Anej Kostrevc's Pack design that the Domino's team and the Local Motors community liked so much. Such features could be done with the use of graphics that could both enhance the branding of the vehicle and the unique look inspired by the orginal Pack design. The goal is to create the worlds best looking, most functional and cost effective delivery vehicle.

Downloadable 3D Files:

Updated February 21 2013

Please note these files will be updated over the next two weeks. You may begin using them to create your rendering scene. We will be sure to always have the latest versions of the files ready here.
New Domino's and LM Logos

Download New Logos Here

New Domino's Logo Style Guide

Download StyleGuide Here

Full Surfaces (WIRE)

Download WIRE (Alias) Format Here

Full Surfaces for Showcase

Download Showcase Format Here

Chevy Spark W/O Front, Wheels,

Download 3DS (3DSMax) Format Here

Chevy Spark Front and Side.
No Wheels.

Download IGES Format Here (Zipped)
Download STP Format Here

New 3DS MAX File

Download New Logos Here

Updated A3S File (For Showcase)

Download revised A3S file here (643MB)

THE BIG FILE (Many Formats)

Download All Formats here (Zipped) 1.3GB

Autodesk Software

We are pleased to announce the availability of some exciting new resources to support your participation in the Domino's Ultimate Delivery Vehicle Challenge! In order to help you prepare your entries for the Rendering Phase of this exciting challenge, beginning February 5, 2013, we have secured a limited quantity of extended trial subscriptions (250) to Autodesk® Showcase software packages just for you. Included in Autodesk® Showcase are a multitude of environments, backgrounds, textures, paints, materials and lighting options to help you get started with high end, professional photorealistic rendering. While there are several environments, it is best to show the vehicle in situations where it would most likely be seen, such as in front of a house, or on a city street. These limited term licenses will be available immediately, at no charge to you. Autodesk® Showcase licenses will be valid through February 26, 2013. Click now to reserve your copy and start getting familiar with the fantastic features and functions of this powerful software package. Within 72-hours of submitting your request you will receive an email from Autodesk with instructions to activate the trial period. We look forward to seeing what amazing work you?ll be able to create!

Deliverables: What we are looking for from you

Exterior Renderings:
? 1 3/4 front right
? 1 3/4 front left
? 1 Profile view of the left side of the vehicle

Interior Renderings
? 1 Interior view showing the front interior module (used for 95% of the deliveries). This rendering should show the enhanced funtionality of this area of the vehicle.
? 1 Interior view showing the rear interior module (used for 95% of the deliveries. This rendering should show the enhanced funtionality of this area of the vehicle.
? 1 Interior view from the rear hatch area (used for 5% of the deliveries and larger orders.This rendering should show the enhanced funtionality of this area of the vehicle.

Bonus Renderings
? Nightime rendering showing illuminaed surfces and the vehicle in a nightime environment.
? Best use of branding: Show your interpretation of how the branding of the Ultimate Delivery Vehicle can make it really stand out from the everyday vehicle.


Use the provided 3D models from the Downloads section. Local Motor's will be providing updated versions of these models, so check back often. Please use these for the renderings as this is the master design file. Failure to do so, or use of your own model that does not use the agreed upon design will result in an invalid entry. 1LM11 3/4 Front Right


Use these renderings to show the enhanced functionality of both the exterior and interior of the Ultimate Delivery Vehicle.

Beauty Shots are nice, shots showing functionality are better. 1LM1It is best to show the vehicle in situations where it would most likely be seen, such as in front of a house, or on a city street.

Deliverable Views

Additional Deliverables
1 3/4 Front Left 1LM11 Profile View of the Left Side of the Vehicle1LM11 Interior View Showing the Front Interior module (Front Right)1LM11 Interior View Showing the Rear Interior Module1LM11 Interior View from the Rear Hatch.
Challenge Terms and Conditions
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