Phase 1: Domino's Ultimate Delivery Vehicle

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Challenge Brief

Design Brief:

Design the Ultimate Delivery Vehicle (UDV) for Domino's Pizza that will revolutionize pizza delivery forever in the United States. This purpose built vehicle should enable delivery drivers to do their job with greater ease and efficiency, be a vehicle they are excited to drive, transport Domino's menu items in a manner that maintains their temperature and appearance, inspire Domino's franchise owners to purchase the vehicle, and prove to customers that Domino's is absolutely fanatical about making perfect deliveries every time.

The Company:

Founded in 1960, Domino's Pizza is the recognized world leader in pizza delivery. As of 2012, Domino's operates a network of over 9,900 franchised and Company-owned stores in the United States and over 70 international markets. The pizza industry is huge-- $35 billion per year* - and Domino's Pizza is a part of that. In the United States alone, Domino's delivered 400 million pizzas last year, and our domestic delivery drivers cover 10 million miles each week - that's 41 trips to the moon every week.

*Source: National Association of Pizza Operators

Domino's Pizza, has partnered with the Local Motors community to bring you the Ultimate Delivery Vehicle Competition. Through the years, Domino's Pizza has consistently revolutionized pizza delivery by inventing the corrugated cardboard pizza box, the car topper, Domino's Tracker? and the Heatwave® bag to keep pizza warm. Continuing the spirit of innovation, Domino's wants to work with their customers and the Local Motors community to create the Ultimate Delivery Vehicle for use in the United States, a vehicle specifically designed and purpose built to revolutionize pizza delivery.

The Challenge:

This is the first phase of a five phase competition that will cover the development process of the Ultimate Delivery Vehicle for the United States. The five phases are as follows:

Phase 1: Industrial Design Conceptual Sketch and Rendering Competition
Phase 2: Packaging and Vehicle Layout Competition
Phase 3: Interior Design Sketch and Rendering Competition
Phase 4: Surface Modeling Competition
Phase 5: Photo-realistic Rendering and Animation Competition

Domino's knows that to remain the recognized world leader in pizza delivery it must improve the delivery process -- and that starts with creating not just a delivery vehicle, but The Ultimate Delivery Vehicle, specifically-designed with the goal of maintaining the integrity of its menu items and enhancing the overall reputation of the brand.

Fire Trucks were specifically designed to carry firemen to fires and help them do their job. Ambulances were designed to stabilize patients and transport them to the hospital safely. Tow trucks were designed to carry cars to mechanics to be repaired. Because these vehicles were specifically designed and purpose-built, those who use them are able to do their jobs more effectively, safely and with greater ease. However, there has never been a vehicle specifically designed and purpose-built for pizza delivery. Until now!

The Ultimate Delivery Vehicle will address the challenges faced by drivers, franchisees and current customers. Specifically designed for pizza delivery by the Local Motors Community and Domino's customers, this vehicle will be the first of its kind - setting a new standard for delivering pizza all over the United States.



For the past 50 years, most pizza delivery drivers have been using standard vehicles to deliver pizza to customers. The majority of these drivers use their own personal vehicles to do their job. The standard vehicle is designed to transport people, not boxes of pizza in Heatwave® bags and cold beverages. The current vehicle design requires drivers to be creative in setting up systems to keep pizzas and drinks secure, and looking good upon delivery. In addition to this, drivers have to be creative to secure pens, credit card slips, apartment maps and other tools of the trade. When drivers are not working delivering pizzas, their cars may still have the systems they set up to keep the pizza secure in place which may not be convenient for traveling outside of work (with family, friends, etc.).


Franchise owners face the challenge of either allowing their drivers to use their personal vehicles and reimbursing the drivers for such use, or owning a set of fleet vehicles for drivers to use. Historically, franchise owners have been wary of purchasing fleet vehicles. Owning and insuring a fleet has proven to be a costly option. In addition to this, drivers are not excited by the average fleet vehicle and don't want to be seen driving it. This would all change for both the franchisee and the driver if the franchisee had an affordable, durable, easy to maintain vehicle that drivers actually wanted to drive and be seen in.


We know that customers who have a positive delivery experience become repeat customers. Positive delivery experiences start with getting pizzas delivered in the same condition as they came out of the oven (not smashed against the box) and icy-cold sodas which are not shaken and ready to foam and overflow when opened at the dinner table.


Above all, we want this to be a vehicle that Domino's drivers WANT to be seen driving, and be a vehicle that creates excitement about the Domino's brand throughout delivery neighborhoods across America.

The Ultimate Delivery Vehicle will help keep drivers safe and simultaneously keep the pizza secure and looking great while en route to customers. It will have a place to keep drinks and other items, such as salads, cool while simultaneously preventing sodas from excessive agitation during transport. And most must look great! The Ultimate Delivery Vehicle will be a rolling billboard for Domino's Pizza and instill a sense of confidence among customers that their pizza is safe on board and will always be delivered like it just came out of the oven.

Why We're Creating the Ultimate Delivery Vehicle

Are you ready to create the Ultimate Delivery Vehicle?

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Exterior Requirements

1LM14 Wheeled Vehicle1LM1Vehicle fits inside provided design box - within the following dimensions: 1LM1Maximum Length 165 Inches (4191mm)1LM1Maximum Height 98.4 Inches (2500mm)1LM1Maximum Width (With Mirrors) 97 Inches (2464mm)1LM1Must communicate it is a Domino's delivery vehicle (Proper branding and logo usage)1LM1Must have mechanism to help drivers see and find locations at night1LM1Headlight vertical distance from ground to center line of light not less than 22 inches (559mm) or more than 54 inches (1372mm)1LM1Tail lamp vertical distance from ground to centerline of light not less than 15 inches (381mm), or more than 72 inches (1828mm)1LM1

Interior Requirements

1LM1Seats a minimum of 1 person (Driver)1LM1Space to carry up to 20 pizzas while in Domino's Heatwave Bags. Our most common bags are:

- One 5 Pie Pizza Bag: 18" Length x 18" Width x 13" Height (457mm x 457mm x 330 mm) Needs to carry up to 4.

- One superinsulated Heatwave Bag (carries 4 pizzas): 20" Length x 19.75" Width x 9.5" Height (508mm x 501mm x 241mm) Needs to carry up to 5.

- One 8 Pie Pizza Bag (Vertical Heatwave Bag) 21" Length x 20.75" Width x 22" Height (533mm x 527mm x 558mm) Needs to carry at least 2.

- One 10 Pie Pizza Bag 33" Length x 18" Width x 12" Height (838mm x 457mm x 305mm) Needs to carry up to 2.1LM1Place to keep pizzas level and secure while they are in the Domino's Heatwave Bag (which will keep the food hot)1LM1The Ultimate delivery vehicle should have the ability to keep at least the following items cool but also include room for future items not on the menu yet: 1LM1Up to 6 2L Bottles of Soda1LM1Up to 10 20oz Bottles of Soda1LM1Up to 4 Medium Salads1LM1Up to 2 Large Salads1LM1Up to 10 Dipping cups at any given time1LM1Place to keep extra product (Drinks Dipping Cups Napkins) - i.e., an emergency kit1LM1Driver Information Center (10" Screen which can display information about delivery to driver)1LM1Has place for items drivers have (maps, binders, places for pens, etc)


Needs to be an energy efficient vehicle (i.e., fuel efficient) that is environmentally responsible and safe/secure to operate1LM1Should not be electric, or hydrogen fuel cell, due to the time on the road and the inability to charge it or fill it up based on locations1LM1Vehicle needs to be easy to get in and out of while carrying pizzas and drinks1LM1Design should not impede driver's ability to see - good outward visibility is very important1LM1Vehicle needs to be affordable (Less than $20,000 to purchase)1LM1Vehicle needs to be durable1LM1Vehicle needs to be efficient1LM1Vehicle needs to be easy to drive and park1LM1Must be easy to clean (Have the ability to clean the whole vehicle with ease)1LM1Compliant with federal safety and licensing standards1LM1Insurable1LM1Will be driven in all weather conditions, on any public highway and in accordance with various speed limits:
  • Delivery drivers are out on the roads in the worst conditions while consumers stay in to avoid bad weather. The vehicle needs to be able to handle these conditions.
1LM1Sustainable1LM1Includes room to grow (for items not on the menu yet)1LM1Uniquely Domino's

Deliverable Views

Additional Deliverables
1 Cover Image (Name & Project Name)1LM11 Side Profile View1LM11 3/4 Front View1LM11 3/4 Rear View1LM11 Environment Rendering / Mise En Scene View1LM11 View of your choice1LM11 Call Out / Features Board - this board shows all of the features that make your vehicle unique and clearly calls them out1LM11 Interior Sketch (that shows required items for the interior)1LM11 Side Packaging View - illustrate how your vehicle fits within the provided design box1LM1Maximum of 10 Design Boards
Challenge Terms and Conditions
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