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Challenge Brief

San Francisco has announced it will be the “electric vehicle capital of the United States”.  The Local Motors community aims to help the city accomplish that goal with the San Francisco Electric Shooting-Brake Competition. 

Mission: Design an electric vehicle for the “City by the Bay”, and as always, design it to accommodate the needs and desires of the car lovers in this area.  In this case, that means a compact, yet spacious and versatile, Shooting-Brake design.   

What is a shooting-brake? The term originated with small, custom-built, 2-door luxury estate cars altered for use by hunters and other sportsmen such as golfers, riders, and polo players requiring easy access to larger storage areas than those offered by the typical automobile boot. (as says Wikipedia)

The style of a shooting-brake is unique for its balance of style and utility.  A shooting-brake is spacious enough to accommodate a battery pack, passengers and cargo.  It is small enough to be lightweight and agile on the steep hills and changing landscape of the San Francisco Bay area.  While San Francisco does not need another luxury car or two-seat sports jobby, car lovers in this city crave style and excitement that is all their own.  This is what you will design, and we will build for San Francisco. 

What could be more perfect?  Though hunting is no longer central, folks who live in this area are adventurous and active, both in work and play.  Design a shooting-brake vehicle for the entrepreneur and mountain biker, for the adventure capitalist and sailor, and the exploring journalist and weekend tailgater. 

The spirit of San Francisco is seductive and energetic.  Climb Lovers Leap, kite surf in the shadow of Candlestick Park, hike in the Marin Headlands and late-night skate down the steepest hills in the nation on California Street.  On a Saturday, surf the curls at Sunset Beach, or tailgate at a Cal-Stanford football game.  On Sunday, gawk at the Palace of Fine Arts, walk the Golden Gate Bridge, mow the roof of the new California Academy of Sciences LEED Platinum Building, swim to the Rock of the infamous Alcatraz prison, or – if you dare – tow out to Mavericks and ride the lightning into Half Moon Bay.  There is so much outdoor activity in San Francisco.  It is no wonder people here work so hard to preserve the world we live in.

San Francisco is one of the top greenest cities in the United States.  They take pride in sustainable design and the green movement.  A car designed for this city must be sustainable, which is why this vehicle is both lightweight and electric, boasting a strong space frame and thermoformed, fiber-reinforced, body. 

If any city can become the electric car capital of the United States, it is this city of ambition, go-getters and believers.  Inhabitants are descendents of the Gold Rush pioneers whose can-do spirit runs thick in the blood of its modern day inventors.  San Francisco is home to the Mac, the iPod, the Intel microchip, the Genentech cure, the Oracle database, the Star Wars legend, the Twitter network, the Facebook society, the Google searchers, the HP printer, the eBay marketplace, the Dolby sound, and so much more.  People in this city have already made many start-up ideas into world industries; and it seems once again they are poised to push the auto industry into the next century of innovation. 

Home to electric carmaker, Tesla and future host of recharging grid network, Better Place, San Francisco is welcoming to new age automotive.  In an atmosphere of bold opinions and ripe for change, Local Motors invites San Francisco to affect the auto industry in a new way: help choose a vehicle which not only excites you, and meets your needs-but also defines your city with sustainable design. This will bring local jobs, local pride, local design, local manufacturing, local education, and local leadership of a global concern.

Public transportation is great in parts of the Bay Area, but when you lead an active lifestyle and need to get yourself and your stuff from point to point, this needs to be your ideal vehicle. With the integration of electric power, the design of this vehicle deserves to be attractive enough to make gas-guzzlers green with both carbon-emissions guilt AND style envy.

This shooting-brake design should have seating capacity for 2, (or 4 with optional back seats) and cargo space for gear and equipment.  Remember this vehicle is electric, so mind the ignition kit we’ve provided and especially give thought to the battery pack placement.  And of course, remember to plant local inspiration and desires at the core of your design. It is time to discard the styles of old-worlds and decades gone by. This special Shooting-Brake is a no holds-barred ambush of sustainability and style. Let’s make it personal for the City by the Bay.

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80 Miles range at end of battery life1LM1Vehicle weight: ~ 2500 lbs.1LM10-60 mph: ~9 seconds1LM1Headlight vertical distance from ground to center line of light not less than 22 inches (559 mm) or more than 54 inches (1372 mm)1LM1Tail lamp vertical distance from ground to centerline of light not less than 15 inches (381 mm), or more than 72 inches (1828 mm)1LM1Turn Signal lamp vertical distance from ground to centerline of light not less than 15 inches (381 mm)1LM1Door Style should allow passengers to get in and out in tight spots and for parking on steep inclines (prevent door from swinging wide open)

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