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Shell GameChanger DRIVEN – “Design of Relevant and Innovative Vehicles for Energy Needs”
The Challenge: Design a vehicle that could be produced in the next 5-10 years for one of five chosen locations: Amsterdam, Bangalore, Basra, Houston, or Sao Paolo.  Your vehicle design should use locally sourced energy and materials, and should help address social challenges that each of these locations are currently facing.

Shell is a global group of energy and petrochemical companies whose aim is to meet the energy needs of society in ways that are economically, socially and environmentally viable, now and in the future. Shell is an extremely innovative company — they were responsible for creating the first oil tanker, as well as the first offshore drilling platform. They are currently working on a Floating Liquid Natural Gas platform, which when built, will be the world’s largest floating offshore facility. In addition to this, they have had a longstanding relationship with the automotive industry.  Perhaps one of the most recognized partnerships in the world is the one between Shell and Ferrari, which started in'50 and still remains strong today. As they look towards the future, Shell is constantly seeking new ideas on how it will be able to provide clean and efficient sources of energy to meet future demand. 

Shell GameChanger is a unique group within Shell that strives to help people take their ideas and transform them from a simple notion into a working prototype, or even a full-fledged business. While many of the ideas they help sponsor relate to the various areas surrounding energy production and management, they keep a very open mind. Shell GameChanger has approached Local Motors with an exciting idea for a competition to find out how you would solve some challenges currently facing the future of mobility. 

DRIVEN: Design of Relevant and Innovative Vehicles for Energy Needs. 

The future of personal mobility presents many challenges: what materials vehicles will be made of, what technologies they will incorporate, what their source of energy will be, and how vehicles are used.  These challenges will require innovative solutions, such as the use of lightweight materials, enhanced aerodynamics, hyper-efficient powertrains, and the incorporation of the multitudes of computer technologies that small computers allow us to implement in cars. It is only through innovating and finding new ways to address the question of personal mobility that we will be able to meet the increased demand that the world’s population will require in the years to come. This is your chance to show Shell, and the world, your ideas on how you would address and solve some of the challenges facing the future of mobility through industrial design. 

Amsterdam has one of the highest densities of cyclists in the world. In a city that has narrow roadways, is quite compact, and a dense population, the Dutch have found the bicycle to be a very practical means of transportation. In addition they have built innovative variations of the bicycle to meet their specific needs. One problem Amsterdam has is the combination of cyclists, cars, and large trucks having to share many narrow roads. The cyclists breath in the fumes from the vehicles, and the drivers of the vehicles sometimes have a hard time seeing the cyclists.

Main sources of energy:

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Ground Based Vehicle (not a hovering or flying vehicle)1LM1Minimum 2 Wheels1LM1Must carry at least one passenger (including the driver)1LM1Must take into account that this design could be built in the next ten (10) years1LM1Must use at least one of the main sources of energy listed above1LM1Must address at least one real social problem in this city

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Additional Deliverables
Up to 9 design boards showing your design, including: 1LM1One profile view of your vehicle1LM1One 3/4 Front View1LM1One 3/4 Rear View1LM1One View of your choice1LM1One "miss en scene" Scenic View of your design1LM1Clear explanation of your design and how it meets solves a social problem for Amsterdam
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