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This project "wants to do good" by creating a vast network of communication between BMW cars, allowing drivers to exchange comments, news, information on road surfaces. Will be just motorists to "doing good" to each other. Today, in the era of internet, everyone is looking for "feedback" to see if they have done a good job. For example: if you buy an item on internet, the company asks you for feedback on their service to improve this one. Why not be able to write feedback about the roads and help those who are in trouble? We all know which roads are dangerous and which ones are the best in the area where we live. Why not share this knowledge with the other drivers? From these questions was born the idea to create the BMW driver's social network, which will enrich the wide range of services provided by BMW Connected Drive. The basic concept is to merge social networking and GPS. The primary characteristic of social networks is the possibility to communicate simultaneously with all the people connected to these. The GPS is by now an essential tool for any driver and everyone knows its functionality. By combining the main features of these two "tools" you can have real-time clear answers to all your questions while you are travelling. Traffic information, alternative route, dangerous intersections, bad roads ... these and others information can be swap by the drivers. By accessing the BMW Connected Drive and choosing from the services provided you will be able to log in the BMW driver's social network. The driver will set the desired path and immediately on the onboard computer will be displayed the map and the comments of the other users. You can also see the comments even if the path has not been set and choose which types of comments see. The comments are divided in three types: weather, parking, make attention (which includes traffic, accident, request for aid, etc.). The notes will be very simple and precise not to distract the driver. If then he will want to have more detailed information, simply tap on the icon of the new note this will enlarged itself to show all the comment. When you get close to the point of interest of the comment a light signal will appear on the windshield to indicate this. The information displayed will be arriving from an area of a few kilometers to not overload of information both the computer and the driver. To make a comment will be easy and fast. The entire car will be equipped with sensors which will be arranged in various parts of the body, on the windshield and at the level of the suspension. The three groups of sensors will be used to record and send data to the BMW driver's social network. Then the driver will decide if public or not these data through a comment. In addition to the data from the sensors, the driver may publish more information, like the availability of parking, via voice command or preset comments. Real-time onboard computer will publish the notes on the map of social networks and will make them visible to other users. The one who will make comments and who will warn other motorists will be the same driver. This mode of communicate information is much more precise and faster than radio news or other information provided by external organizations. This is because you can comment a particular situation and in the same time this will be published, through accurate GPS system, on the map of the social network. In this way the information will not be approximate but really precise and accurate. The GPS navigator will be crucial because it will detect the exact point where you made a comment (or where is sent an emergency message). This aspect is very interesting also in order to be used to communicate promptly with the police and the breakdown services. In case of accident the comment or the request of aid will be immediately send and the rescue operations will start immediately knowing the exact point of the accident. The drivers could also inform the competent authorities of dangerous intersections or where the traffic circulation should be improved. At the end are drivers who "live" the road, to know and to be able to criticize it. The person in charge of urban road cannot know by heart the whole city, with this method you could report what's wrong in the streets. It’s common to warn, with headlights, other drivers on the road when there is an imminent danger or an unexpected slowdown. This is a gesture that we have pleasure to receive, a gesture of aid to the other. And why is it done? It is done because on the road we are all in the same situation and we can help each other. In the same way we can do a little gesture, like comment a particular situation, to warn the other and help them. After all, the beauty of this project is that you are able to make a small and simple action to help others knowing that sooner or later others will help you.
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