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BMW Intelligent Drive uses autonomous vehicle technology, artificial intelligence technology, and advanced laser & radar technology to change the car from just an ordinary transportation device to a self-thinking & driving machine.

Intelligent Drive has an unique feature called the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant (IPA). Your assistant will interact with you, respond to your questions, notify you of appointments and calls, and otherwise be your main control center for your car. Your IPA is updated with an advanced artificial intelligence program that will take the form of the BMW sponsored male/female model of your choice.

The car also features infrared cameras/sensors and a "smart wheel" that monitors your body temperature, heartbeat pulse, and other bio-information. When it detects certain irregularities in your body, your IPA will advise you to press your finger against the Touch-Based Blood Alcohol Content Detection System for analysis. If your BAC is over the legal-limit, the car will automatically lock the car from any manual input and force it into auto-driving mode. Using the facial recognition, your IPA will pull up your address automatically and drive you to your home. If you have passengers in the car with you, your IPA will ask if you would like him/her to drop them off at home. Once selected, all you have to do is say the address and your IPA will drop your passengers off at their destination, return to your home, and park itself on your driveway safe & sound.

IPA will also be able to pick up and drop off your kids, spouses, and friends everyday with ease. Just add your schedule and destinations and your IPA will take care of all of your chauffeur duties for you.

This allows you to use save time, save money, and more importantly save lives.
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