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**Humans dominate the Earth in a way that no species has ever done before, and our demands are beginning to place a tremendous strain on the planet's limited resources. Scientists are now asking what can be done to develop a more sustainable way of life before it is too late. The definition of energy supply is the total amount of usable energy available to people. Humans use energy to do work and keep warm. About 95 percent of the energy we use comes from coal, oil, and natural gas which are fossil fuels. Other sources of energy throughout the world include; water, nuclear energy, solar energy, wind power, tides, and geothermal. Since 1900, the consumption of energy had almost doubled every 20 years. This raise in consumption is due to population increases, the growth of the labor force, increased wealth, energy using invention, etc. This increase in consumption has also created serious problems, such as depletion of fuel reserves and environmental pollution. Today the human population of earth consumes energy at a rate of about 12.5 TW.^^ According to BMW the future it is green, but no one can tel if it's electric or no, but for sure cars will become an important source of energy because the new technologies, cars will make and store energy, now how do we use this energy for the good of the community? My idea is, what if we keep lamp post just in important places, and for the rest the cars can light the street when parked, instead of 10 posts we will have 4, energy consumption is down with 60%, this is my idea of saving energy :D
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