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A Generation concieved in a time of instant gratification through gamification, will be among the users of the urban vehicles of 2025,The BMW REWARD ME Urban share vehicle system embraces this ideology, by 2025, the human brain has re-wired itself to be seeking evermore instant rewards, as users dopamine centres have grown exponentionally from years of using Gaming,Twitter,Facebook & Google The human brain has evolved and is constantly seeking rewards, Dopamine receptors have grown exponentionally and users want more than is available at present, All of us seek rewards, its human nature, this system satisfies that need! Reward Me is a premium vehicle sharing club, exclusive to BMW. Four levels of membership, and a passport to the ultimate driving experience Users can unlock rewards (such as in a game), new features become available to the user, i.e. if they don't have the funds to get the top license, they can progress or if they have top level already, they earn bonus award points that can be spent in retail, food or travel etc. An example would be that the car is limited to one hour of use by a bronze member, whilst a 'M' membership affords a full day of driving pleasure. this vehicle I believe is in line with a new generation of users who have grown up, with an need to instant gratification and rewards.
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