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Electric car for 2 occupants.The future of personal mobility presents many challenges: what materials vehicles will be made of, what technologies they will incorporate, what their source of energy will be, and how vehicles are used. These challenges will require innovative solutions, such as the use of lightweight materials, enhanced aerodynamics, hyper-efficient powertrains, and the incorporation of the multitudes of computer technologies that small computers allow us to implement in cars. It is only through innovating and finding new ways to address the question of personal mobility that we will be able to meet the increased demand that the world’s population will require in the years to come. This is your chance to show Shell, and the world, your ideas on how you would address and solve some of the challenges facing the future of mobility through industrial design. Houston: Houston, Texas is a huge, spread-out city with miles of highways and roads. It is the epitome of the American Dream-- a city designed around the personal automobile. The great distances between points in the city pose a problem as energy prices increase faster than the efficiency of most of the available new vehicles. Add to that that “Everything is bigger in Texas” and you have a significant amount of large vehicles, which is not a good combination with long driving distances as it adds to an increased amount of pollution. THX alot guys! all the best !and hopeyou like it! good luck all!
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