Energy Harvesting - 2025 BMW

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BMW products of the future will carry features that encourage responsible consumption of resources, and offer the ability to link and share resources with others.

Body panels will be nano-engineered to absorb the suns energy and supplement power grids when cars are fully charged.

In preparation for water-shortages, BMW's will be able to harvest rain-water and H20 emissions from hydrogen motors. They could also purify that water, and also purify water from home harvesters.

BMW's of the future can also harvest hydrogen from algae.

For dense markets, air scrubbers could equipped to help clean the air.

The harvesting data for your BMW is stored online, and owners earn credits and accomplishments for the amount of resources they collect, return, or save. These credits can then be redeemed. For instance, X000 credits would provide a BMW to communities in need of sustainable transportation solutions.

A sharable vehicle that is capable of supplying electricity, connecting to the internet, and harvesting water could be very useful for extreme rural/impoverished communities. The services it provides, as well as the information it provides can help enrich suffering communities.

BMW and its family of owners will create a model for socially responsible business.

This is an initial goal for this brief, more to come soon.
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