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Project Messenger is a messenger in its essence. It's sole purpose is to deliver. It delivers supplies to those in need, and delivers people to safety. It's key MESSENGER is self recovering- equipped with a front winch, tow hooks, recovery shovel and an air jack to get out of the tough patches. Large doors make ingress/egress simple. All of the surfaces are flat and optimized for ease of production and repair. The flat panel windows are easily removable, and the top of the cockpit aid in the ideal situational awareness the driver has in the Messenger. There is no glass in the back of the cockpit, behind the driver/passenger seats is open access to the bed. The doors are removable if quickness of ingress/egress is more important than coverage. The inner side of the bed gate has a tube structure that acts as a step for aiding access to the bed. There are tie down points on the lower body panels for using small quick release cord tie downs. The rear haunches open up to access storage and recovery kits. The steel tube truss structure in the back is open and ideal for tying virtually any cargo to it. Backpacks, raw materials, or anything the mission calls for. A ballistic nylon cover can be applied to cover the bed for shade, wet weather conditions, or keeping cargo "under wraps." Collapsible litters stow away in the bed. The bed is long enough to fit people laying down completely prone. There are jump seats that can be quickly be activated to accommodate soldiers or wounded civilians. The truss structure in the back can have a joint at the top of the bed (not shown) for them to bend outwards and parallel to the ground, creating a shelf for even more people in litters in an emergency situation (as well as very large cargo). If things get heated on the battlefield and for whatever reason the vehicle isn't mobile, the door can be quickly detached with a quick release hinge and strapped to your arm with straps and used as a mobile shield while the passengers run for better cover. Also for emergencies, the LED headlights and taillights (same shape/case mold for production cost effectiveness, only different color LEDs for head/tail functions), are removable to be used as torches. They're charged while plugged into the Messenger. There are LEDs in the headlights that are dedicated IR bulbs for aid in night missions. There are IR LEDs and a FLIR camera located in the Intelligence Pod atop the front of the cabin. Rear visibility is handled with small cameras that show inside the cockpit on a screen. Main 360 vision relies on the eyes of the soldiers and is aided by the open design. There's a snorkel that runs up the passenger side A-pillar for treading water. The Messenger has the same wheels and tires as the Rally Fighter, as it's easier to attain off-the-shelf parts when things need replacing. Spare tire located under the rear of the bed. This vehicle is simple to produce, and can be made tomorrow! Optional material upgrades are fiberforge body panels for increased lightness/armor, and a sail cloth covering for the bed for ultra lightweight coverage that's completely weatherproof.
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