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The pizza hero is the result of a new way of pizza delivery thinking. indeed i take my inspiration from the old delivery jobs, like milkman, postman, ice merchand, and other barber shops or butchers etc.Cool sign,cool shop, nice delivery vehicle, so a cool job for deliverers. The goal was to improve condition of delivery,make the employees proud of their job and of their tools. The vehicle is a smart functionnal minivan taking inspiration from old custom vans.It's powering by a 1.4l ford. The objective of the concept is to have an efficient and fast way of deliver pizza. 1 seat,1driver 1mission... i imagine an interior with an easy acces to the compartmentalised parts:a cold one keeping the sodas fresh, and a hot one with convoyor of pizzas,witch improve the way of deliver. The pizza hero minivan is not a whellbox, it will be functionnal and aesthetical to because it's giving an image of domino's inc. An other concept i imagine is a custamisation of a vehicles range. The basic entry with less and low cost, the midlevel sporty with specific accessories and stickers, and the ultimate one is a special version realy show off destined to the communication of the domino's product. moreover in addition to a managment strategy for motivation and advancement the month delivery man will be the driver of this ultimate pizza hero van...
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