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Your Active Lifestyle Vehicle Submission

This challenge is not about improving or highlighting any specific aspect of an

existing vehicle or vehicle performance; it is about creating a concept that enhances

the owner’s performance as an athlete or active adult/family.

Literally anything goes in this challenge, so let your passion for vehicle innovation

and a particular activity, or set of activities, come together to drive the elements of

your Active Lifestyle Vehicle design.

Keep in mind the following when working on your design:

  • Big… but not too big (Or small but not too small)
  • Anti-microbial interior
  • Hose-down-and-go interior
  • Mold/Odor-resistant storage bins for wet clothes
  • Integrated vacuum
  • Roof racks
  • Rear racks
  • Modular internal racking system
  • Tie-downs (Tie-ups)
  • Reconfigurable interior
  • Camping-conversion capable
  • Variable suspension
  • Big windows
  • Improved interior lighting
  • Exterior lighting
  • Voting & Winner Selection

    Winning submissions will be selected by a combination of community vote and

    the selections of Active Lifestyle Vehicle Athletes/Judges. These individuals –

    professional athletes and life-long advocates for active living – will review all

    validated submissions with an eye toward the aesthetic and functional components

    that fit their passion for an active lifestyle.

    Winners will be announced at the Active Lifestyle Vehicle of the Year Award

    Ceremony held at the Local Motors Phoenix Microfactory on October 19, 2013.

    Representatives from many of the top OEMS and many members of the

    automotive press attend this event each year.

    For a bit of inspiration, you may want to check out the following video:

    From GoPro, this is an excellent video showing tons of different people who are highly active. You don't see their cars, but think about what they would drive.

    We love GoPro, and if you want cameras that are awesome for your lifestyle, we highly recommend them.

    (we also like watching the following video at 1080p full screen).

    Go check out the requirements for additional information.

    Ignition Kit File Downloads


    Your Active Lifestyle Vehicle submission/s must feature the following:

    (Please clearly label the following on your design boards)

  • Ability to load one Road Bike inside
  • Easily cleanable interior
  • Night lighting system, especially around the cargo areas
  • Cargo area of some sort for gear
  • The ability to do light off-roading
  • The ability to camp in
  • Guidelines

    • Vehicle should be athletic in nature, both in how it looks and operates.
    • Take into consideration the loading process of gear and try to design a vehicle that is easy to use and load up
    • Consider the needs of athletes, and try to design your vehicle around them. You may choose to design a vehicle for one specific sport for example, or maybe one that could accommodate multiple sports. Most importantly try to design a vehicle you believe would be fun to use, drive, and show up to events with.
    Additional Deliverables
    • While not required, it is helpful to include 1 Project intro image/title board that includes member name, country of origin.
    • Any additional views you include that show how the vehicle can benefit will go a long way in helping viewers better understand your vehicle design.

    Challenge Terms and Conditions

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