You can’t change
the world by
ignoring it.

Build ideas unlike anyone else can.

If you haven’t noticed already, we do things a bit differently. And it starts with our open platform of innovation. We invite any and all people to help us solve the world’s most challenging problems. Experts. Novices. It doesn’t matter. All that is required to join our community of problem-solvers is seeing that the world has problems to solve, and having a burning desire to solve them.

How Labs works

The co-creative process isn’t always a linear one. So we’ve put some steps in place that help establish order in the chaos that is the creation of world-altering innovation.
  • Inspire

    We start by finding the most ambitious problems that stand in the way of making the world better, and pose them to our global community of innovators.
    Anyone from any industry with any background can help and contribute ideas to help inspire others to solve problems and co-create together.
  • Ideate

    Once the challenge is set, our community members begin attacking it. Working together or independently, all we ask is to think big. If an idea seems impossible, radical or down-right insane, we want to hear about.
    With ongoing design challenges and more than 50,000 community members, there is no lack of great ideas, and great feedback.
  • Develop

    After seeing the ideas our community dreams up, we vote on them, select the most inspiring ones, and our engineers, designers and makers start devising ways to turn them into reality.
    Watching ideas openly go from idea to sketch and then come to life is a unique and incredible process.
  • Build

    Once we’ve refined an idea into its most bullet-proof form, we get busy making it. And when we can’t improve on an idea any more, only then is it ready to meet the world and begin changing it.
    With vehicles like the Rally Fighter, Olli, Strati, and many others seeing the microfactory floor, the Labs community has proven itself time and time again.

We know you have questions.

  • Q

    Why should I share my ideas?

    We believe that by sharing ideas with others, not only can others be inspired by and even iterate off of you ideas, but we can accomplish greater things, faster. This means the next great innovation can arrive sooner than a closed system where people look out just for themselves.
  • Q

    Who owns my ideas?

    The short answer is that Labs members own their ideas, but are contributing them to an Open Source platform. While there are certainly specific terms that are worth reading and understanding, all content remains the property of the owner.