See how Local Motors uses next-gen manufacturing processes to build Olli at our Knoxville microfactory.

Safety. Yeah, Olli Has Your Back.

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In order to be relevant, any transportation must first be safe for all passengers.

Multilayer sensor array with 360 degree vision.

Vehicle control software secured both through software and physical system architecture.

Remote vehicle monitoring, management, and alert system.

Where's Olli?

Meet Modally.

The system behind Olli.

Now you can manage and optimize the operations of a self-driving vehicle fleet while providing an end-to-end, seamless experience for your riders.

The front end interface is represented by the Modally mobile app. Thanks to our modern design, the customer's journey is simple and efficient: Register, Book, Ride, Pay. Book a ride in the Modally App and await the nearest OLLI to pick you up and comfortably transport you to your destination.

The back end system includes a whole fleet management platform to control the vehicle's operations (charging, maintenance, real time mobility and customer management). Dynamic routing optimizes trips according to customer's preferences and fleet size. The cognitive software plans the best trip for each booking.

Modally integrates seamlessly into any transportation environment. From a traffic light network to a multi-modal mobility service, Modally can help you upgrade to a unique and complete ridership platform meshing together public transport, car sharing, bike sharing and the shuttle system.

Modally is a turnkey solution for your autonomous mobility services. We support your business from the early stage through use-case definition, scoping sessions, setup and training. We can handle operations and maintenance including upgrades of software and vehicles.

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The Disruption is in the Details.

How We Measure a Successful Revolution.

There are endless customization possibilities with an Olli vehicle, but here are a few specs and numbers to give you a base understanding.

Range: 40 mi/60 km (nominal), 25 mi/40 km (max load, max A/C)

Max Speed: 40 km/h (25 mph)

Max Torque: 240Nm

Charge Time (440 V): 1.5 hours

Transmission: 9.59.1 gear ratio

Curb Weight: 2654 kg (5850 lbs)

Capacity: 612 kg (1350 lbs)

Length: 3920mm (12.86 ft)

Width: 2050mm (6.73 ft)

Height: 2500mm (8.20 ft)

Wheelbase: 2526mm (8.29 ft)

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