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Our goal is to operate an efficient, multinational Microfactory network in order to build game-changing products and deliver a world of vehicle innovations.

What is a Microfactory?

The Microfactory brings the worldwide Local Motors community together and allows for the creation and production of new vehicles based on local needs. Leveraging the Co-Creation platform produces innovative designs from community members in over 130 countries. The Microfactory brings those designs to life.

Types of Microfactories


The Microfactory is a local factory created to design, build, and sell vehicle products from Local Motors and our partners. The Microfactory is where the Rally Fighters, as well as the Racer and the Cruiser, are designed and built. It includes a large build floor to accommodate participants in the Rally Fighter Build Program, a space for research and development, and an LM Labs area.


The Mobifactory is a mobile factory that moves from place to place. The community can bring in vehicles for maintenance, purchase Local Motors Shop products, and grab some food at the cafe window. The Mobifactory features a space for the construction and maintenance of the Local Motors Racer, allowing visitors to get an inside look at how the innovative motorcycle is built.

Microfactory Features


You can buy innovative vehicle products directly from the Microfactory’s retail space. This includes exclusive Local Motors brand items such as t-shirts and duffle bags, but we also sell exciting products from local and international companies that will enhance your automotive lifestyle. Visit the Shop online to view some of our current options.


Co-creation is an essential element of vehicle innovation at Local Motors. Microfactories bring the internal Local Motors team, the virtual community, and the physical community together to make this concept a reality. Utilizing the Local Motors website, designers, engineers, fabricators and enthusiasts can submit their ideas, receive helpful feedback, and develop their designs.


Community is a core value at Local Motors. Engaging the community to facilitate innovation and empower the maker community drives everything we do. At the Microfactory, you can collaborate with our LM Labs team to work on projects, attend one of our monthly open houses, schedule a Microfactory tour, or sign up for a Rally Fighter “Drive Experience” with a licensed driver.

Build Program

The Build Program at our Microfactories is the most immersive experience you can have at Local Motors. Using in-house tools, parts, and our interactive online build manual, anyone who buys a Rally Fighter constructs their own vehicle in the Microfactory with help from the Local Motors team.


Microfactories provide maintenance for all Local Motors vehicles including the Rally Fighter, the Racer, and the Cruiser. We’ll take care of any problems that may arise to ensure your vehicle is always running at its best. Our goal is to provide all Local Motors’ customers with the best vehicle experience possible.

Microfactory Locations

Below are the currently Microfactory locations. If you would like more information about a Local Motors Microfactory Contact Us.

Phoenix, AZ

Local Motors Headquarters and home of the Rally Fighter, Racer, and Verrado.

  • Labs
  • Build Floor
  • Shop

Las Vegas, NV

Home of the Rally Fighter, Racer, and Cruiser.

  • Labs
  • Build Floor
  • Shop

Crystal City, VA

Local Motors Mobifactory, home of the Racer, Cruiser, and Verrado.

  • Labs
  • Shop

Next Microfactory

Local Motors will open 100 Microfactories around the globe in the next 10 years. To talk with our Microfactory team about bringing Local Motors to your town, contact us.

  • Labs
  • Shop

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