Your friendly neighborhood mobility solution.

Gridlock, unlocked.

Olli is a self-driving electric vehicle designed to streamline shared transportation systems around the world. As long as you have a smartphone, wherever you are is a bus stop. And wherever you’re going is the next stop.

Leave the driving to me.

Responsive. Sensitive. Supervised. Symbiotic. Stylish. Those are just a few words that come to mind when describing Olli. Explore more about Olli by tapping on the plus signs.


Lidar and optical cameras allow Olli to see in all directions.


Self-driving software allows Olli to make decisions faster than a human and keep everyone safe.


Olli's electric drivetrain protects our environment while providing a quite ride for passengers.


Olli's activity and the safety of riders are monitored by a human at all times.


Olli's exterior is customizable, allowing for a look to to reflect the style of riders, city, or campus.

On-the-go Mobility Mojo.

Use Olli to transport students across campus efficiently. Fill the gaps in your city's transit system. Or perhaps Olli will make moving across your corporate grounds more enjoyable. Olli gives your mobility major mojo.

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