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7-second synopsis: If you are a community member who participated (i.e. entered and/or commented and/or voted) in Project Redacted, you get a free t-shirt. Click here, fill out this form, and we’ll send your customized t-shirt.

Last Saturday, we hosted an online town hall-style meeting to allow and address concerns from our community members. The meeting was exactly what we hoped for: a no-holds-barred forum. For those who couldn’t attend, here are the three key takeaways from the meeting.

Revolution and Evolution

Local Motors started the automotive revolution nearly eight years ago. Since then, we’ve launched 30 community challenges. Several community members questioned our commitment to fairness in those challenges. We hear you and are working on this.

It’s important to understand how we got here and then focus on where we, as a company, are going. There was simply no marketing team in place at Local Motors until late last year. It’s not an excuse; it’s just a fact. As a company, we are evolving and with an internal marketing team now in place, we are confident and committed to addressing community concerns. Revealing the Project Redacted voting and hosting the Town Hall were our first steps in a process that will become the norm for all future challenges.

More Transparency

We hear you about wanting to know how the voting process for Challenges works like, including the idea of keeping and publishing voting results in real-time. This is something we are evaluating right now.

Thank-you T-shirts

Project REDACTED was the most important challenge in our history. It provided us with amazing ideas that will inspire the world’s first road-ready 3D-printed car. It also helped us discover and address issues the co-creation community had with the challenge process as a whole. To say thank you to all participants, including all submitted entries, commenters, and those that voted, we will send you a free exclusive, limited edition Project Redaction T-shirt, customized with your Local Motors username.