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November 15, 2012 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:

Local Motors Announces Phase II of BMW-Sponsored Urban Driving Experience Challenge

A Refinement Competition Focuses on the Future of “Doing Good”

Phase II of the BMW Urban Driving Experience Challenge Will Award $15,000 in Prizes, and the Opportunity to Make Automotive History by Defining the Global Automotive Future

PHOENIX – November 15, 2012Local Motors today announced the kickoff of Phase II of the Urban Driving Experience Challenge – a collaborative design and development project sponsored by BMW Group and powered by the Forge at Local Motors. This phase will focus on further exploration and refinement of one of the key feature and function themes identified in Phase 1 of this first-of-its-kind features and functions design challenge.

During Phase I of the Urban Driving Experience Challenge, the Local Motors community was prompted to share individual visions of class-leading features and functions for premium vehicles in a future urban environment.  Nearly 3,500 design boards were submitted by participants from all over the world.

Of the recurring themes identified throughout the thousands of submissions, the BMW Group has selected the idea of vehicles “Doing Good” as the most revolutionary and impactful theme to carry forward. This phase of the competition will challenge members of the Local Motors community to explore and refine this concept of “Doing Good”.

“Doing Good” is an evolution of sustainability. BMW Group is a well-recognized global leader in sustainability. Thorough this challenge, BMW intends to push beyond traditional concepts of sustainability by innovating in the fields of community relations, intercultural understanding, cultural development, education, road safety and health.  This mission lays the groundwork for transforming the car as we know it into a value-adding, socially responsible machine that contributes to our global well-being.

Phase II is a refinement of Phase I.  Competition participants will incorporate resources into their vehicles that will make a local, national and global impact.  These features include electric energy storage on board, interfaces to access car functionalities from the outside world and Connected Drive, which facilitates information sharing between car, people, neighbors, city and more.

Phase II will conclude on November 29, 2012.

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