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November 30, 2009 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:

Local Motors Rally Fighter Offers Ultimate Personalization through Custom Car Skins Competition

Local Motors announces the winner of the very first Rally Fighter Custom Car Skins Competition – and announces yet another personalized experience for car lovers.

The Local Motors Rally Fighter is not only one of the most exciting head-turning vehicles to hit the road this year; it is also one of the most personalized automotive experiences ever.

Every Rally Fighter can be wrapped to reflect the personal style of the owner. Whether you choose from the Rally Fighter livery, or opt to design your own Car Skin with the help of the Local Motors community, your Rally Fighter exterior will be exactly what you want.

To demonstrate the enormous potential of Custom Car Skins about 50 of the most talented graphic artists and car lovers from the Local Motors community competed to design the most desirable exterior for the Rally Fighter. The Local Motors community voted to choose the winner.

The results will amaze you.

Inspiration was taken from fighters, desert landscapes, planes, pilots, and racers. While the results and designs are each unique, the one common theme is this: The Rally Fighter looks amazing.

Local Motors’ CEO Jay Rogers is more excited than ever to build his own Rally Fighter, and wrap it in a Custom Car Skin. Jay says, “The results of this competition are PROOF of the talent of this incredible community, and this is only the beginning.”

Soon Rally Fighter customers will be able to host their very own Custom Car Skin Competitions and participating community members will design to the customer specifications.

The wraps are applied after the Customer Build Experience. These vinyl wraps are recyclable, incredibly customizable, and even help reduce the weight of the vehicle by about 40-100 pounds as compared to paint.

If you want a Rally Fighter unlike any other, you will have a Rally Fighter unlike any other – this is yet another facet of the ultimate in personalized car experiences.

Congratulations to our winners!

Derek Salgado took first, Yan Gstv is second, and in third is Alex Drobokov. These are the Car Skins the Rally Fighter will be remembered for!

Rally Fighters are now available for reservation:

The Rally Fighter customer Build Experience will begin this Summer, 6/8/10.

Rally Fighter Key Stats:

  • Designed by community member Sangho Kim of Pasadena, California
  • Original, welded steel tubular space frame with lightweight thermoplastic and carbon fiber body panels
  • BMW M57 clean diesel engine
  • Eye-popping 36mpg on the highway, or 30mpg in an off-road setting
  • 425 lb-ft of torque,…5 horsepower, and only 3,100 lbs
  • 18″ of suspension travel, to take on any desert 14jumps and all
  • Manually adjustable dual ride-height options, to go from the desert to the city with ease
  • Seats for 4 adults, or 2 adults & 3 children

About Local Motors
Local Motors is a new American car company setting an exciting and sustainable course to design, manufacture, and sell cars.

Revolutionary yet simple, Local Motors creates a direct connection with customers who guide design development based on personal desires. The outcome of this open, collaborative process is meaningful, exciting cars designed specifically for car enthusiasts in local areas. Local Motors will build micro-factories in regions where demand is highest and cars are built and sold from the micro-factories on a just-in-time basis. Both the products and process are sustainable. Local Motors vehicles feature best in class fuel efficiency while the development and manufacturing process dramatically reduces waste while maintaining the flexibility to incorporate new efficient technology as it emerges. The design, manufacturing, and sales processes are sustainable and agile while creating a direct physical connection with more fully satisfied customers in each region.

The first Local Motors design concept to be designed by a community of enthusiasts and talented designers world-wide, is the Rally Fighter by Sangho Kim. You can view the Rally Fighter and contribute to the design development at

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