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This article was originally published on The Advertiser. DRIVERLESS vehicles are no longer just the talk of the town; they are here. A 10-passenger driverless shuttle will be trialled on the beachfront at Glenelg before next summer, taking people 1km and back to Adelaide-designed and built automated stops at Moseley…

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Press and Releases

  • 2018
    • Driverless shuttle at Glenelg will take passengers 1km from Moseley Square along the foreshore Read
    • #AccessibleOlli Debuts at CES 2018 Read
    • Local Motors Secures Over $1 Billion In Financing For Olli Customers Read
  • 2017
    • CTA Foundation Announces Accessibility Award Winners, Exhibitors, Programming at CES 2018 Read
    • Matthew Rivett Named EVP of Local Motors Read
  • 2016
    • Work with GE, Airbus Group demonstrates ability of co-creation and micro- manufacturing to rapidly advance product development Download
  • 2015
    • Local Motors Announces Phase II of BMW-Sponsored Urban Driving Experience Challenge Read
    • Local Motors, UNLV partner on autonomous vehicle R&D. Read
    • Local Motors, ASU partner on high-tech materials R&D for 3D-printed car. Read
    • ICYMI: Town Hall, T-shirts and Transparency Read
    • Local Motors Unveils Designs for 3D-Printed Car Production Line Download Read
    • Local Motors Expands Internationally By Opening New Dealership In Beijing Read
    • Local Motors Announces Winners of LITECAR Challenge Read
    • Local Motors to Sponsor Ben Kennedy in 2015 Read

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