Ultimate Garage! @LM

created July 24, 2012, 6:31 p.m.
Here at Local Motors, we are dealing with a couple of issues:

First, we have LM LABS, the physical Forge that happens at the Micro Factory where members come over and work on projects like Open Tandem together, while learning about tools, and suspension design, etc. AND THEY NEED MORE ROOM!

Second, Mechanical and Design Community Teams are expanding, along with Website Development, and THEY need more space!

Plus R&D is now going to transition from working only on Rally Fighter, to working on interesting projects and vehicles the Forge Community come up with or are working on, and to do this we need more tools, and yes MORE SPACE!

So here are some pics and CAD showing our current concept for expanding R&D and Community space. You'll also notice additional tools where there were no tools before! Plus the LM LABS guys and any other community members that visit will have office space and access to new tools!

This is just one concept we are thinking of, so give your thoughts and suggestions! Are there any specific tools that you want included here?

Pop the CAD out with the little arrow and use the viewer to rotate around it!
Other User Projects by: AlexFi
Other User Projects by: AlexFi
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