The Ultimate Global Work Truck goes Open Source

created Nov. 7, 2012, 9:09 p.m.
Lets build the ultimate global work truck.

Detroit sells 9000 pound pickup trucks, but even at $90,000 with all possible OEM accessories, how many forms of actual work can they really perform? Especially with out risking serious damage or voiding the warranty!? The AfterMarket mfgs really struggle to make these glorified passenger cars more useful by selling work beds, toolboxes, bumpers, winches, etc. But its hopeless because these *trucks* are designed around coerced mass-market trends and unscrupulous dealership-profit models, not practical work solutions.

Envision a work truck that is designed from the ground up around a completely different set of principals.

1)Empowering Work
For this build the 'Car and Driver' paradigm takes a back seat to a much more intimate machine-operator relationship. This vehicle transcends the physical limitations of a human to be able to perform any type of work possible, even in the worst conditions. Less of a mall-cruiser and more of a high mobility Mecha, where the operator and vehicle become one to get the job done.

2)Modular Versatility
The engine/drive train/chassis/cab is the major expense and weight of any vehicle/machine. Should you really have to buy/maintain a seperate truck with an entire different set of those same components just to do a different type of job?
A true modular chassis means the design and mod possibilities are limitless. Yet in its simplest form it will be able to be easily built by anyone in their garage and still be readily upgraded to the most radical work conquering beast of a machine by adding and swapping various mission-oriented modules.(beds, loader, crane, toolboxes, etc)

From mini-truck to semi-trucks- build the size that fits your needs. The design platform will be scalable in size to match the typical work of the owner/operator. Modular-scalability will also be possible post-build by temporarily extending the frame, adding axles, etc.

I've got lots of unimog, 4x4 and hydro components already collected. But as a new member of The Forge I'm really excited to see what kind of designs the community can come up with from a clean slate, and am willing to start over from scratch to make this truely open source and co-created. Just for the hell of it, I think for the first prototype(s), I should fabricate a mini(~20" tires) and a large version(~48" tires) side by side at the same time! Post up your favorite pics or some original designs so I can add them to the gallery.
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Other User Projects by: OpenSourceCitizen
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