Scion FR-S Canyon Carver

created Oct. 13, 2012, 9:18 p.m.
This car is my daily driver, so everything I do to it has to serve dual purpose: make the car better in some noticeable way and be manageable during a normal drive. For example, gutting the interior would remove a lot of weight, but you wouldn't want to drive a car with no interior across country, or even to the local supermarket very often. The plan is to make this car as light and nimble as possible while keeping it tame enough for city streets.

I'm planning on focusing mostly on suspension and chassis in the beginning, and work towards looks and power later. This is also a learning process for me, as I plan on doing most, if not all, the work myself.

3 Nov 2012:
Whiteline Front Camber Bolts installed
Eibach Springs Pro-kit installed

20 Nov 2012:
Whiteline 16mm Rear sway bar installed
Kartboy Rear sway bar Endlinks installed

7 December 2012
Custom Local Motors Midpipe
Custom Local Motors Heel Plate

14 Dec 2012
Gloss black vinyl'd Sideblades
Produced first ever LM manufactured community part: FRS/BRZ heel plates. Update: 25 April 2013 Schroth Rallye 3 harness install Update: 14 May 2013 GT Spec adjustable lower control arms installed and aligned Update: 26 May 2014 3D printed LM emblem painted and mounted. Thanks AlexFi and Matt Jackson
Other User Projects by: Rescue9
Other User Projects by: Rescue9
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