Rally Fighter


Rally Fighter

created May 20, 2008, 8:24 p.m.

Looks like a race car, rides like a luxury vehicle. A rugged tube chassis construction complemented with all the requisite creature comforts. This 50-state street legal off-road desert racer is at home on the open road, the daily commute, and on the most challenging desert terrains.

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Project Updates

Supercharged Rally Fighter Body Checklist

The Supercharged Rally Fighter is coming together! Brandon goes through the checklist prior to putting the body on. It's much easier to check things are working properly in the "Go-Kart" phase before the body goes on as the engine and such are easier to get to.

Follow this project now.

Supercharging Another Rally Fighter

Ryan and James go through some of the things they have been working on the last few days on the latest Supercharged Rally Fighter.

Prototyping Power Seats, Cruise Control For Rally Fighter

Mike discusses his prototypes for power seats and cruiser control for the Rally Fighter. Follow the progress on the project page, and RSVP for the Open House in Phoenix in May to see the Rally Fighter in person!

JD Machine Visits Phoenix Microfactory

The Local Motors Phoenix crew was honored to have the owners of the first Las Vegas Rally Fighter build Jesse and Scott Denome at the Phoenix micro-factory. The brothers, who also co-own JD Machine, brought their families to see their almost complete Rally Fighter, and check out some of the other vehicle innovations at Local Motors. Follow their build on the Rally Fighter project page

Rally Fighter Park Brake Boot

Upholstery expert Wally talks about the new park brake boot that will be included in the Rally Fighter builds

R/C Rally Fighter Bodies Arrive In Phoenix

Matt Rivett discusses the body for the R/C Rally Fighter:

3D Printing Mount For Galileo Board

Our build crew hit a small snag when trying to mount the Galileo Board in the Rally Fighter. The community team jumped in and found some brackets on Thingsaverse that worked to fix the mounting issue. They were able to quickly print the brackets using one of our Makerbot Replicator 2 3D Printers and the problem was fixed within a few hours.

R/C Rally Fighter Gets A Wrap

Testing a few different wraps on the R/C Rally Fighter body.. Lookin' pretty good so far!

Updating The Build Wiki's During The Rally Fighter Build For Sales

Builder Trainers Ryan and Brandon share an update on the Rally Fighter build wiki's. The build team is using the Local Motors Sales Team build to show the how to's.

A Smarter Rally Fighter

Kyle talks about installing a Galileo board in a Rally Fighter to give the driver capabilities like rolling up and down the windows, or turning on the hazards, with their smartphone.

Rally Fighters, Racer Descend On The Vegas Strip

What happens when you drive two Local Motors Rally Fighters and a Local Motors Racer down the Las Vegas Strip?

Start of Supercharged Sales Car Build

We are starting the build of a new sales car! This will be the first sales car with the Edelbrock supercharger package on it, and the 6 speed automatic with paddle shifters.

This is going to be the first Rally Fighter build that I will be a part of all the way through, so that I can help identify pain points, and things that can be improved, in both the car and the assembly process. Already, we've found that we need to design and build a new engine / transmission jack! The old one is a bit sketchy, and not quite strong enough to lift the supercharged engine / 6 speed transmission combo.

As you can see in the picture, the engine, transmission, and fuel tank are installed! We're going to be moving a bit slower than usual with this build, as we will be using it to create the updated build wiki, to be published in the soon to be deployed "how-to" section of the site!

R/C Rally Fighter Moving Along

Eric talks about the process of getting the 3d printed R/C Rally Fighter body ready for vacuum forming: 

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