SoulArc Board

Landlocked Surfers Rejoice!

The SoulArc Performance Board is only available at Local Motors today for this great price.

Riding a SoulArc board is like surfing on land, or snowboarding on the street. The experience is like no other skateboard out there. The maple wood deck provides a stable platform above the curved composite spring, which has just the right amount of give to mimic the fluid feel of carving on a surfboard or turning a snowboard in deep powder.

This board is also a major head-turner. Take it to the nearest skate park or up your favorite longboarding hill, and everyone will be asking for a ride. 

This board is perfect for landlocked surfers who long for the ocean, but can't live near the beach all year long. This is also a great board for summer-bound snowboarders. The SoulArc Performance board carves like no other.

  • Deck: Maple Wood with Grip Tape provides stability 
  • Spring: Composite. Provides fluid, surf-like ride 
  • Trucks: Randal 180, smooth give to enhance the surfboard feel. 
  • Wheels: 64mm wheels made with a soft urethane for a smooth ride.

Local Motors is one of the only places in the world where you can buy this awesome board, so get it today!

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