Mobility for today’s communities

On private campuses and public roads,
Olli delivers autonomous mobility to improve transportation operations and passenger experience.

Best-in-class autonomous system

Olli operates on pre-mapped routes with a fully functional level 3+ autonomous system.

  • Dynamic obstacle avoidance
  • Emergency stop and manual takeover functions
  • Sensor configuration for maximum field of view

Fleet management and ride hailing

Olli integrates with a variety of fleet management and ride hailing solutions, allowing fleet managers to maximize Olli utilization while driving down passenger wait times.

Computer vision and analytics

Olli is equipped with optical cameras for responsible applications of computer vision and analytics.

Whether automatically deploying its accessible ramp or counting passengers as they board, Olli generates useful operational data for customer analysis.

Digital manufacturing

Local Motors uses next-gen manufacturing processes to build Olli. For example, our team 3D-prints Olli’s upper and lower structures from recyclable polycarbonate material.

Digital manufacturing reduces waste and helps make Olli one of the most sustainable vehicles on the road.